Subthrottle Sensor Service Code 32

Output Voltage Inspection

• Remove the throttle body assy (see Throttle Body Assy Removal).

• Measure the output voltage at the subthrottle sensor in the same way as input voltage inspection. Note the following.

• Disconnect the subthrottle sensor (black) [A] and (black) connect the harness adapter [B] between these connectors.

Special Tool - Throttle Sensor Harness Adapter : 57001-1538

• Measure the output voltage of the sensor with the engine stopped, and with the connector joined.

• Turn the ignition switch ON.

• Measure the output voltage when the subthrottle valve is fully opened or completely closed by hand.

Main Throttle Sensor Output Voltage Connections to Adapter

Meter (+) ^ W (sensor BR) lead Meter (-) ^ BK (sensor BR/BK) lead Standard :

0.48 ~ 0.52 V DC (at idle throttle opening) 3.6 ~ 3.8 V DC (at full throttle opening)

• If the output voltage is out of the standard, inspect the subthrottle sensor resistance.

• If the output voltage is normal, check the wiring for continuity.

Wiring Connection

ECU Connector [A] <—> Subthrottle Sensor Connector [B] BR lead (ECU terminal 3) BR/BK lead (ECU terminal 14)

• If the wiring is good, check the ECU for its ground and power supply (see ECU section).

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