Subthrottle Sensor Service Code

Subthrottle Sensor Removal/Adjustment


Do not remove or adjust the subthrottle sensor [A] since it has been adjusted and set with precision at the factory.

Never drop the sensor, especially on a hard surface. Such a shock to the sensor can damage it.

Subthrottle Sensor Connector (black) [B] Input Voltage Inspection


OBe sure the battery is fully charged.

• Turn the ignition switch OFF.

• Disconnect the subthrottle sensor (black) [A] and connect the harness adapter [B] between these connectors.

• Connect a digital meter to the harness adapter lead. Special Tool - Throttle Sensor Harness Adapter :


• Measure the sensor input voltage with the engine stopped and with the connector joined.

• Turn the ignition switch ON.

Subthrottle Sensor Input Voltage Connections to Adapter

• Turn the ignition switch OFF.

• If the input voltage is normal, check the sensor output voltage.

• If the input voltage is less than the standard, remove the ECU and check the wiring between these connectors.

ODisconnect the ECU and sensor connectors.

Wiring Connection

Subthrottle Sensor Connector [B]

BL lead (ECU terminal 1)

BR/BK lead (ECU terminal 14)

• If the wiring is good, check the ECU for its ground and power supply (see ECU section).

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