Swingarm Removal

• Remove the muffler bodies (see Engine Top End chapter.)

• Raise the rear wheel off the ground with jack.

Special Tool - Jack: 57001-1238

Rear Wheel (see Wheels/Tires chapter.) Chain Cover (see Final Drive chapter.) Mud Guard (see Frame chapter.) Brake Hose Clamp [A]

Lower Shock Absorber Nut and Bolt [A] Upper Tie-Rod Nut and Bolt [B]

• Remove the right frame cover (see Frame chapter).

• Loosen the upper shock absorber nut.

• Unscrew the swingarm pivot locknut [A], using the socket wrench [B].

Special Tool - Socket Wrench: 57001-1370

• Unscrew the swingarm pivot nut [A] and loosen the swingarm pivot shaft [B].

• Pull off the pivot shaft and remove the swingarm.

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