Throttle Body Assy

1 Loosen:

Throttle Assy Holder Clamp Bolts [A] Air Cleaner Duct Clamp Bolts [B] Special Tool - Carburetor Drain Plug Wrench, Hex 3: 57001-1269


Right and Left Side Covers (see Frame chapter) Coolant Reserve Tank (see Coolant Change in the Periodic Maintenance chapter) Starter Relay, Junction Box (right) Crankcase Breather Hose

Right and Left Air Cleaner Housing Mounting Bolts [A] Front [B]

• Move [A] the air cleaner housing backwards.

• Pull [B] the throttle body assy out of the holders [C].

Slide [A] the throttle body assy [B] left and remove it.

1 Loosen the locknut and screw in the throttle cable adjuster fully to give the cables plenty of play. Remove the right handlebar switch housing and take out the accelerator cable upper end [A] and the decelerator cable upper end [B].

• Remove the bolt [A] and the throttle cable plate [B] from the throttle body front side.

• Remove the throttle cable lower ends from the throttle pulley.

Choke Cable Upper End (From choke lever) Choke Cable Lower End [A] Throttle Body #2 [B]

• After removing the throttle body assy, stuff pieces of lint -free, clean cloth into the throttle body holders.


If dirt gets into the engine, excessive engine wear and possible engine damage will occur.

Throttle Body Assy Installation

• Install the holder clamp bolts [A] in the direction shown with each bolt heads, facing outwards.

Cylinder Head [B]

Torque - Throttle Body Assy Holder Clamp Bolts: 2 N-m (0.2 kgf m, 17 in lb)

Torque-Air Cleaner Duct Clamp Bolts [A]: 2 N-m (0.2 kgf-m, 17 in-lb)

• Run the vacuum hoses as shown in the Cable, Wire, and Hose Routing section of the Appendix chapter.

GC1 7162BS1 C

GC1 7162BS1 C

GC1 7163BS1 C

Fit the accelerator cable end [A] and the decelerator cable end [B] into the throttle pulley (front view). Tighten the throttle plate bolt (see Throttle Body Assy Removal).

Check fuel leakage from the throttle body assy.

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