Valve Guide Installation

• Apply oil to the valve guide outer surface before installation.

• Heat the area around the valve guide hole to about 120 ~ 150 °C (248 ~ 302 °F).

• Drive the valve guide in from the top of the head using the valve guide arbor. The flange stops the guide from going in too far.

Special Tool - Valve Guide Arbor, </>4.5: 57001-1331

• Wait until the cylinder head cools down and then ream the valve guide with the valve guide reamer [A] even if the old guide is reused.

OTurn the reamer in a clockwise direction until the reamer turns freely in the guide. Never turn the reamer counterclockwise or it will be dulled. OOnce the guides are reamed they must be cleaned thoroughly.

Special Tool - Valve Guide Reamer, <£4.5: 57001-1333

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