Valve Seat Inspection

• Remove the valve (see Valve Removal).

• Check the valve seating surface [A] between the valve [B] and valve seat [C].

OMeasure the outside diameter [D] of the seating pattern on the valve seat.

★ If the outside diameter is too large or too small, repair the seat (see Seat Repair).

Valve Seating Surface Outside Diameter Standard:

Inlet 29.4 ~ 29.6 mm (1.1575 ~ 1.1654 in.) Exhaust 25.2 ~25.4 mm (0.992 ~ 1.000 in.)

OMeasure the seat width [E] of the portion where there is no build-up carbon (white portion) of the valve seat with a vernier caliper. Good [F]

★ If the width is too wide [G], too narrow [H] or uneven [J], repair the seat (see Valve Seat Repair).

Valve Seating Surface Width Standard:

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