Wheel Inspection

• Raise the front/rear wheel off the ground. Special Tool - Jack: 57001-1238

• Spin the wheel lightly, and check for roughness or binding.

• If roughness or binding is found, replace the hub bearings.

• Inspect the wheel for small cracks, dents, bending, or warp.

• If there is any damage to the wheel, replace the wheel.

• Remove the wheel, and support it without the tire by the axle.

• Measure the rim runout, radial [A] and axial [B], with a dial gauge.

• If rim runout exceeds the service limit, check the hub bearings.

• If the problem is not due to the bearings, replace the wheel.

Rim Runout


Never attempt to repair a damaged wheel. If there is any damage besides wheel bearings, the wheel must be replaced to insure safe operational condition.

GJ04026BS2 C

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