Belt Drives Ltd Install

10. Kazoo installed the motor pulley and clutch basket along with the belt as one. The clutch basket has a lip on it, so the belt needs to go on the basket first, but it is easier to do all three pieces together.

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11. Then, both the mainshaft nut for the clutch basket and the front motor nut were installed then torqued to spec.

12. Starting with a steel plate then a friction plate, all the clutch plates were installed.

13. The design of the EVO-8S is setup so that the clutch pushrod end adjuster needs to be installed from the backside of the bearing plate due to the new o-rings on the rod end. There is no seal on the nut anymore. Then Kazoo carefully placed the ball bearing lock-up plate with diaphragm spring onto the clutch assembly, then the spring retainer with hardware.

Bar/graph Tachometer

Voltage Readout

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