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This component secures the crankshaft by adding another bearing. The bearing secures the shaft at its outermost point on the left side, preventing possible crankshaft bearing failure and it bolts directly to the engine case and the inner primary. The Mainshaft Outer Bearing Support fits '03-later Twin Cam FLH models.

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Hungry for more power? Now you can add consistent, reliable and usable power more than 80 HP on modified engines in a single day! No other V twin performance enhancement even comes close.

ProCharger^' Intercooled Supercharger Systems are now available for more models than ever, including W08 Dyna®. '01 -'09 Softail®, '02-'09 Touring and even 1984 06 Carbureted models.

When you're ready to satisfy your hunger for more proven, reliable power from your V-twin and to learn more about this award-winning technology, visit ProChargercom or give us a call today. PH. 913.338.2886

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