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AMS Hi-Torque Pork Engine Kit CONTACT FOR PRICE

Looking for a little boost? This hop-up kit from AMS features five-axis CNC ported heads with ceramic thermal barrier coated exhaust ports, multi-angle valve seats, and high intake velocity. When bolted on an AMS precision bored and honed 96ci or 105ci Big Bore Cylinder kit, the power increases are sure to get your blood pumping. AMS (800) 210-8675 | www.automotivemachine.com


Baker Drivetrain DO7 $2,995

The seven-speed trans from Baker is ready to take on your '06 Dyna and '07-later big twin. If you're looking for a little something extra, the DD7 features the following gear ratios: 1st (3.76), 2nd (2.75), 3rd (2.06), 4th (1.55), 5th (1.27), 6th (1.10), 7th (1.00). Baker Drivetrain (877) 640-2004 | www.bakerdrivetrain.com

Balance Masters Clutch BaLancer CONTACT FOR PRICE

This device bolts on to the stock clutch of Harley big twins and Sportsters from 1938 to present and automatically readjusts each time the clutch engages to act as a self-adjusting active balancing device that mounts over the stock clutch pressure plate. It not only self-adjusts to the clutch's rotational speed, but also to the rotating mass of the clutch plates and hub assembly each time the clutch is engaged.

Balance Masters (818) 882-8431 | www.balancemasters.com

Bandit Machine Works


The Sportsman Superclutch is now available for '07-later Twin Cams and features two more friction plates than stock, and the plates are twice as wide for more surface area in the clutch shell. The Sportsman also features six adjustable coil springs, and two sets of springs with shims included to suit stock or race engines.

Bandit Machine Works (717) 464-2800 www.banditmachineworks.com

Doherty Machine Mystfree $229.95

Have you been affected by oil mist from your Twin Cam's breather system? The Mystfree helps eliminate oil mist from coating your bike, you, or your passenger by controlling and virtually eliminating misting that is normally associated with a build up in crankcase pressure and inadequate oil pump scavenging.

Doherty Machine (928) 541-7744 | www.dohertymachine.com 108 HOT BIKE Volume 41, No. 10 2009


Do you HA TE Rejection by Women? imagine, no more heartbreak, no more rejection, ever...

"The Amazing 'Natural Attraction Secrets' of a 5*7W Former Loser From Texas, That Literally Compel Beautiful, Desirable Women To Approach You First, Begging for a Date, No Matter Your Looks, Age or Income"

del ii

WARNING: When You Put These "Women Approach You Secrets" to Work You Must Be Careful Not to Attract TOO MANY Women Too Fast! Why would any sane man reveal these secrets in a FREE Report if they were true? Read my message below to find out...

If you arc frustrated with your relationships with women, and wunt to spend your lime with desirable women who all approached you first, this may be the most important message you ever read. Here's why:

My name is John Alanis, and I used to be a complete loser when il came lo meeting women (even ugly ones). Whenever I saw a beautiful woman I got so seared, I literally made myself sick at the thought of approaching her. I'd walk away, wondering "what could have been" if I'd only had the "guts" to talk to her. Maybe you've had a simitar cxpcricncc, Here's what was even more frustrating: on those few occasions when I was "lucky enough" to get a "date" I never got a second one____

instead she always told me what a "nice guy" 1 was, but she "just wasn't attracted to me." And then she'd go moon over some "jerk" who eared nothing about her, and would dump her for her best friend at a moment's notice!

Has that happened to you? It sucks, doesn't it? But it gets worse... what would happen next is, one of these jerks would dump the woman I secretly lusted after, and she'd comc crying to mc, telling mc what a great "friend" 1 was for "listening"... and she'd move to the next "jerk," crushing my feelings like a grape. The one time I did have a "steady girlfriend," 1 discovered she was jusl using me for money, even though 1 really didn't have much of that. She never had a problem taking what little I did have, though.

I was beginning to think I'd be "celibate for life," when an unusual thing happened (hat put mc on the true patli lo "male liberation" and literally allows me to attract any woman I want, on demand! And, I'm convinced any man can duplicate my success, no matter your looks, age, or income.

Skeptical? I don't blame you... il you'd told me u few months ago I'd he able to compel desirable women to boldly walk up and talk (o me, I'd have called you » big, fal liar, right lo your face.

How I "Accidentally" Raised Myself From Failure to Success with Desirable Women I've always been lascinatcd by psychology, and the one thing I've always had going for me is the obsessive will to learn new things. Anyways, 1 was at a seminar awhile back, listening to a short, fat, dumpy guy speak on the subject of advertising. What this guy had to say about what makes people "tick" was truly amazing... hut what was even more amazing was the reaction of all the women in the audience to him after he was done speaking! They all rushed to him, vying for his attention. And these weren't ugly women they were intelligent, deslrahle, hrautiful businesswomen who all went "gaga" like little girls ovct this short, fat, dumpy guy! [ watched him take the numbers of 1 drop-dead gorgeous women before he finally left. 1 had to know this guy's sccrct.,.. how could someone that ugly literally have hot, sexy women throw themselves at him? The AiuaziiiR "Natural Attraction" Sccrets of A Desperate Nerd From Texas! Luckily. I was able to corner him before he left the room, and I somehow talked him into having dinner with me. As we sal down to eat, I asked him, point blank: "Look, you're not exactly the best looking guy in the world, in fact vou Inok sort nf like a basset hound.

Yet, you have hot women thrnwing themselves at you... what's your secret? What do you do? And, will it work for mc?"

He laughed when I said that. Then he told me something I'll never forget as long as I iivc: "John," he said, "I've been in advertising for a long, long time, and I've been involved in amazing research into what makes people buy things."

'The psychological processes that get people to buy arc the exact same processes that get women to become attracted to you. I used to be a complete loser when il came to women, until I applied what I learned in my advertising career to my love life. And ever since then, the results have been phenomenal."

"The truth is, every man is already 'naturally attractive'... it's biologically programmed into us, much like it is with animals in nature. But, in our modern society we've gotten away from our natural instincts and are taught the opposite of what works."

"All you have lo do is "switch on" the biologically programmed "attraction triggers" all women have deep inside, then stand back and let them come to you. Looks don't matter, age doesn't matter, income doesn't matter... all ihose things we've been laught about 'dating' and "romance' are just plain wrong. Stop dating, and start attracting... it's really simple."

Most Men Do NOT Attract Women Simply liecause They Wert Never Taught How !

Then he told mc step-by-step exactly how he attracted women, and how I could do the same. As he talked, I realized be bud truly, "cracked the code" and ihut attracting women was nothing more than a paint-hy-numbers, step-by-step, brain-dead simple process. It works for every man because you're already bom with natural attraction lhat is genetically designed to "flip on" biological attraction . It can't not work.

Here Are A Few uT These Remarkable Secrets

• How to tap Into your natural attraction to "magnetically draw" (he most desirable women to you (they'll come up and talk to you first, already "predisposed" to liking you...)

• The seven deadly turn-offs that will guarantee you inslunl failure with any woman (if you're currently failing with women, it's because you're unconsciously broadcasting one.,, and probably more... of these attraction-kilting turn-offs)

■ The amazing "romance novel hero" secret that will have her thinking about you (and ONLY you) even when you're not around (not one in a thousand men knows this simple secret, yet it's incredibly powerful never be cheated on again)

• Just looking for a "casual encounter?" Here's how to tell (within 15 minutes) if she's open to being your "adventure partner" or "special friend" (and many more women ARfc Ihun you think) or if she's only interested in a committed relationship (this secret lets you avoid giving a woman "false expectations" so you won't "hurt" her like all those jerks out there do)

How to use a subtle "test" to discover if she's even qualified to spend time with you (this is the ultimate "turning of the tables"— women test men over and over now you get to test her to see if she's "good enough" for you... and make sure she's not a stalker, gold-digger or psycho-path)

■ How to read little known female signuls that let you know she's attracted to you (and why you must act immediately when you sense these, or risk losing a woman who wants you, now)

■ Secrets to using your body language for maximum "attraction effect" (the wrong kind will turn women off... the right kind can have them flocking to you)

■ How to attract women by saying nothing at ail!

♦ Shy? Here's how to use your "shyness" to literally force women to chasc you (they won't think you're "shy" at all, they'll think you're "mysterious" and "challenging" und wonder what it takes lo get you to "open up!")

■ How lo "position" yourself so multiple women compete for your attention (never compete with other men again... now they can jealously watch women chase you, and wonder what YOUR sccrct is)

• How to never be nervous or flustered ever aguin when talking to women (when they approach you, it's remarkably simple lo be calm, cool, and collected... you get to make the "rejection decision," not her)

■ How to never spend more than 51.84 on a "first date" and have her thinking it was the best "date" she ever had (she'll be dying to sec you again... IF you decide she's "your type," not the other way around)

■ How to create an "automatic referral system" that compels your female friends lo compete with each oilier to sec who can bring you the most women

.. and much more. Look, no maiter if you want to meet a woman for purely "physical reasons," or you truly, deeply want to meet that "special woman" to spend the rest of your life with these sccrcts have the power to.., (ilve You Ahsolutc I'nwer and ( onlrnl Over

All Your Romantic Outcomes For Life Let's cut to the chasc. You have just read a detailed description of these remurkuble "nature! altrection sccrcts" and what they can do for you. However, 1 must warn you, these secrets are itol for everyone. If you're a guy who's out to hurt or "get back at women,'' you can stop reading now. These secrets are only for guys who want to choose their own outcomes with women in a way that makes women feel really, really wonderful.

Look. I understand you muy find these secrets hard to believe. That's why I've put all the details of how you can put these "hidden secrets" lo work for you into a 28 page report that is yours FREE for ihe asking. To have this incredible FREE report nished to you at once via first class mail, simply call 1-800-452-8320 ext 504

for a 24 hour free recorded message. Or, you may go to www.womenapproachme.cum and enter Report Code 5U4 RIGHT NOW to request it and instantly read a copy online. The number of men who will get this report is strictly limited. I don't want every guy out there in on my sccrcts. So, after this marketing test ends, I'm going lo discontinue this report, until I'm sure all the men who've requested it arc behaving responsibly. Don't risk being left out. Dial 1-800-452-8320 est 504 now, or go to www.wonienapproachme.com and enter Report Code 504. It doesn't cost you a thing.

C MMIX ArtofSteel.tnc



Drag Specialties Primary Drive Hits STARTING AT $639.95

These kits are now available and include the compensating sprocket assembly, chain adjuster assembly, and complete clutch assembly with Kevlar plates. The primary chains are sold separately. The kits will fit '90-06 big twins, excluding '06 Dyna models.

Drag Specialties | www.dragspecialties.com

Evil Engineering z-inch Beit Drive STARTING AT $2,695

The Bobber style HT Belt Drive is made from billet aluminum and features a Helical Offset Tooth (HOT) setup to handle your performance engine. The drive uses a 7-inch clutch and the entire assembly is available in raw or polished with a right side drive option. Evil Engineering (800) 372-8612 | www.evil-engineering.com

JIMS engines from Fat Baggers Inc CONTACT FOR PRICE

Looking for a monsterous JIMS engine to power your bagger? The Fat Baggers Inc. (FBI) crew has a whole lineup of JIMS engines ranging from 120ci to 131ci to give your bike the extra pep in its step. The 131 features a 4 5/16-inch bore and a 4 1/2-inch stroke with a compression ratio of 10.5:1; the 120 features a 4.125-inch bore and a 4 1/2-inch stroke with a compression ratio of 10:1. Fat Baggers Inc (877) 324-2453 | www.fatbaggers.com

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Savving Your Marriage

Savving Your Marriage

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