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Here's a quick story for you. Last May I was riding across this great country and in a downpour I hydro slid under an 18-wheeler on my '07 Electra Glide Classic. I look up at the under carriage of this big f#&*A°/og truck and luckily the driver stopped before any real damage was done to me or the bike, only cosmetic damage. The truck driver got out and saw that I was alive and OK; I was just wet and embarrassed. He helped me get the bike up and I thanked him and road to Corona, California, and I changed the oil, rear tire, etc. Then I started the Run For the Wall POW MIA ride to Washington, D.C. Everything was cool, except I had to get a spring for my kickstand in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Somewhere outside of Selina, Kansas, the rear pulley on the bike sheared all the bolts. I was way ahead of the pack because I wanted some new duct tape to hold my fairing together that was busted up in Dallas, Texas. So I'm stuck on the side of the road, it's Sunday, and I am losing hope of making this trip all the way to D.C. So I call AAA and they say I don't have a motorcycle clause on my card (I do now) but they would send a tow truck. After a couple of hours this busy tow truck driver shows up with a motorcycle cradle and off we go to Manhattan, Kansas. We stopped at Manhattan Cycles, and it turns out they sell and service everything and they are open because the Run for the Wall is coming through town that day. The service tech (I think his name was Ken) says he's never seen all the bolts shear off like that and that they don't have the parts. But then Ken says they have a sort of new Ultra downstairs that they are storing for a guy in the Army who is in Iraq. Ken says he would take the whole kit, (tire, rim, and sprocket) off the Ultra and put it on my bike and I could pick the bike up in the morning, "would that be OK?" I said no sh#t? Do it dude! True to his word, Ken called me at the motel at 9 a.m. Monday and man, those dudes made my day, trip, etc. I love them and thank God for that Army dude who was protecting our great country for storing his bike there.

FATHATCH RVN 67/68 USMC, via email


Wow! That's one helluva road trip. Isn't it weird how things work out? Here you are, a retired Marine, supporting our troops with a cross-country run and a calamity of events try to take you down. But like a true Marine, you improvised, adapted, and overcame. Then just when it looked like all hope might be lost, who came to your rescue, but an unknown Army "dude" overseas fighting for our country. Great story Fathatch, glad you made your final destination, and we hope someday you buy that Army "dude" a beer or 12.


I just wanted to share my experience about my "self-tinkering" on my motorcycle. I own a 2002 Harley Deuce. It was bone stock when I bought it. Recently I have made some easy mods and saved some bucks along the way. I chopped off the ugly plastic license plate holder and installed a Paul Yaffe LED vertical type that mounts right to the swingarm tube and wired it in to the existing license light harness. This mod also shows off the rear tire better. I installed a chrome Arlen Ness Big Sucker kit as well as a set of WCC Hell Bent pipes and changed the jetting on my CV carb and installed an EZ-JUST idle mixture screw for fast access tuning. This setup has not been on a dyno yet but throttle response is excellent without any popping. The new pipes give the bike a cleaner look and it really exposes the right side rear for all to see. My next project is changing the handle bars just need to figure out the best positioning. Any suggestions?

Scott, via email

Hey Scott, the Deuce is coming along nicely. Working on your own bike is very therapeutic. As for the bars, it's really a matter of opinion. What's the overall look you are going for? How comfortable are the stock bars? If you like them we might suggest going with a set of T-bars, check carlinidesign.com. The built-in risers will help clean up the frontend a bit and with different rise and pull back options you're bound to find a set that fits your riding position.


I have been looking for a list of the Harley codes. I have found articles, but no actual list. Can you tell me where I could find them?

Pwhite, via email

Are you referring to Harley-Davidson Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) or model codes? Do a search on Google for "Harley-Da-vidson DTC" and it wil bring a list of forum websites that have the codes listed. If you are looking for model designation codes check our website, hotbikeweb.com, we have an article on there that ran a few years ago about the model codes. It's not exactly a list but does shed some light on the topic.

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