ing at the bike from the right side, you can't miss the kicker pedal that looks just like the ones on a bicycle pedal. The Springer forks built by Paughco are authentic examples with an impeccable quality. So Bubba's choice to bestow one of these forks on his design is perfectly logical. Mark Green employed such skills and rudimentary tools from past decades to make the leather seat and decorate it with old school designs.

Twisted Throttle Choppers, is a place where everyday, and especially on the weekends, bikers gather over beers, Blue Ribbon of course, and where they discuss their passions for the two wheel marvels in a pleasant atmosphere. Bubba promotes this type of lifestyle that is shared by others in this field, as he explained. "West Coast Choppers, Blings Cycles, Outlaw Custom seats, MPA and others are a source of inspiration for me. In 2004, I had the privilege of meeting Indian Larry at a show. I told him how much I admire him and when I asked him if I could take a closer look at his bikes, he said "Sure, no problem. Go ahead. Sit on it and make funny noises." That had an impact on me and since then I wanted to have the same attitude as well." That desire has truly become a reality and the large number of those attracted by the hospitality of Twisted Throttle Choppers is remarkable proof.

I have no doubt that the old school choppers will continue to exist in the future due to a new generation of custom builders with a passion for the retro style. After the experience of meeting Bubba, I had a clear understanding of what defines the old school style. In Bubba's own words: "It's all about freedom, craftsmanship, and brotherhood." HB

BIKE OWNER Jamie "Bubba" Camp SHOP NAME Twisted Throttle Choppers (TTC) SHOP PHONE (678) 344-5594

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