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17. Next, we inserted the supplied rubber breather tubes into the breather holes and mounted the Yuill Bros plate to the SE backplate. Note the large hole in the rear of the plate to direct fresh air onto the rear cylinder [arrow).

18. We attached the high flow air filter to the mounting posts with the supplied bolts.

19. Finally we installed the chrome flame cover by aligning the dowel pins with the holes in the mounting plate and secured with the supplied center bolt. The Yuill Bros air cleaner is an attractive and highly functional addition that will draw attention.

20. To install the Yuill Bros Elite D Exhaust System, we first raised the bike and secured it. Then we removed the seat and disconnected the negative battery terminal. Next, we removed the saddlebags, the right side floorboard and brackets, and the complete existing exhaust system. Then we removed the existing exhaust port gaskets and installed new James gaskets.

21. Next, we transferred the OEM exhaust flanges, retaining rings and 02 sensors from the existing pipes [top) to the new Yuill Bros. headers [bottom).

22. Then we removed the OEM starter bracket and installed the new starter bracket using the OEM bolts. Next, we installed the new "L" tab to the starter bracket and followed the instructions for the rest of the pipe installation.

We've been Known to take a few design risks over the years and as you can see, we're at it again with the crazy new Villain! What you see before you is one of those polarizing designs that, lets face It, you either love or hate. Regardless of your opinion, hopefully all will at least appreciate it for its total originality. Rather than bone yoLi with more words - take a good long look at the pictures, if you dig it, believe us when we say. it's going to get attention!

Check our website for all the latest nevus and seat info. All LePera seats are proudly made in the USA, feature powder coated steel base piates and are hand crafted - no computers!

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