For Jamie Camp, aka Bubba, of Twisted Throttle Choppers in Grayson, Georgia, old school or traditional choppers as he likes to call them, have always been and continue to be an irresistible attraction. Ironically intriguing is the fact that Bubba was not even born when these bikes practically dominated the custom scene during the '60s and '70s. Even so, the old school creations are a real obsession for him. It seems that this style possesses a living essence that transcends decades and makes its presence by captivating the intellect and emotions of certain people. Legacy, especially that of parents, also has an impact of connecting to the past as Bubba himself confirmed. "I owe everything to my dad. He was always into hot rods and in his garage you can find a collection of them. As a kid I remember him taking me on rides and letting me sit up front. I felt like the coolest kid in the neighborhood. So I inherited from him the horsepower virus. He also supported me from the beginning as far as what I wanted to do and he still continues to do so. Like I said earlier, I owe it all to him." As you can see, for Bubba horsepower-mania is a family tradition So far the most unique custom to pass through the doors of Twisted Throttle Choppers, is this blue Shov-elhead, dubbed Bubbastank. The design of this bike is dominated by the old school style, but it also blends in some modern characteristics. Bubba's passion for choppers does not go only as far as looks, but way beyond, as he stated. "Even though I didn't live during the glory days of old school customs, I'm still captivated by the craftsmanship of the builders from decades past and

TTC fabricated the one-off bars and dressed them with a set of $2 bicycle grips from 1956, that they found in an antique store.

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