While Hennessey is a famous brand of quality French cognac, Xtreme Cycle Tech (XCT) lives up to its name by pouring out a steady stream of finely brewed bikes that run the gamut from pro street to bobber to chopper, even vintage British, you name it, the Aurora, Illinois shop has been taking it to the max for the past 10 years. XCT's honcho "Little John" Lewis says it all started with a broom. "I began working in a bike shop when I was 15, sweeping the floors, and I was able to buy the place, a 10,000 sq-ft late 1800s warehouse, when I was 24." As for his bike building philosophy, he adds, "Stuff you can ride. Stuff you can beat on. Stuff that's real."

As for his customers Little John says, "Where we are is like the Long Beach of Southern California except we're 20 minutes outside Chicago. Aurora has a lot of old industrial factories, a blue color type place. We have a 1000 sq-ft retail store and the d├ęcor is barbed wire punctuated by punk rock music. My customers include guys who work construction to guys who own construction companies. Our bikes run the spectrum from $25,000 to $50,000. We also run a full service shop and offer frames, tanks, and our special mid-controls that fit four, five

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www.hotbikeweb.com HOT BIKE | Bs

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