prairie Tech Innovation Diaphragm Clutch Spring Conversion Kit STARTING AT $176

If you've experienced slip and drag from your stock '41-84 big twin's four- or five-speed trans, then the Diaphragm Clutch Spring Conversion Kit may solve your problem. The kit works with your stock hub, basket, and plates. Prairie Tech Innovations (877) 992-9910 |

R&R Cycle's Big Inch Engines


Looking for big power from a big beefy motor? R&R Cycle has plenty of large displacement motors to choose from, including 127, 139, 147, and a whopping 155 ci. R&R Cycle motors are available as Evolution style or Twin Cam style and are made in the USA and CNC machined from high-quality parts. R&R Cycle (603) 645-1488 |

S&S Cycle Chain Drive Cams $295

S&S has just released these new chain-driven cams for '07-later big twins. The cams are compatible with the stock chain drive. They are also available in many different grinds. S&S Cycle (608) 627-0283 |

T-Man Performance 135c? Big Bore Kit

Attention JIMS 120ci and 131ci engine owners! T-Man Performance has released a big bore kit that bumps up your 120ci or 131ci JIMS engine to 135 ci, featuring custom-designed pistons and ring sets to utilize the 4.375-inch Revolution Performance cylinders spec'd by T-Man Performance. The kit comes complete with cylinders, your choice of flattop or 15-degree domed pistons, and head and base gaskets. T-Man Performance (336) 993-7068 |


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