13. Everything was just about finished; Jason just needed to adjust the clutch, fill the trans back up with fluid, reattach the heat shield, and reconnect the battery. Here's a shot of the finished version of the AIM Mamba Reverse Gear. We had shop tech, Jason give it a little demo, which you can see at

7. .these locking pins (arrow). The locking pins keep the main gear from coming loose from the mainshaft when using the Reverse Gear.

10. Jason installed the new oil slinger rod into the main gear. It's basically the same as stock, but the umbrella assembly at the end has been removed to fit the Reverse Gear assembly.


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Sonny Barger photo by Donna & Mike Hadar

Now Availabíé^mn V-Rods & '2004 Sportsters

No other exhaust system sounds or performs like a THUNDERHEADER. "

-Soriny Barger

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