I noticed you don't have too many of the other American made motorcycles in your magazine other than Harleys and after riding Harleys for 30 years I decided to try a Victory so I sold my 10-year-old Softail and bought an Arlen Ness Kingpin, which I've had for four years now. Of course I took it a step or two further but that's why we love motorcycles.

P.S. It was Memorial day and I was visiting a fallen brother, that is why it was shot in the graveyard.

Martin, via email

Hey, Martin, we cover Victory Motorcycles quite a bit. We've done Road Tests, shown new model launches, tech articles, and recently ran several custom Victory bike features. Yeah, Harleys might account for the bulk of our material, but that's also what most of our readers own and ride. But we'll continue to run stuff on Victorys, if you've got any suggestions on story ideas let us know.

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