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suit of his son's latest creative impulses.

Knowing that most of his customers are looking to dress up their rides as their wallets and watches will allow, Brian tried to keep the parts line for the new baggers quick and easy bolt-on components that can be added all at once or one part at a time. For his pops bike the biggest changes were centered in and around the body work. New sheetmetal means a new stance, and that's what Roger wanted. Klock Werks went after the rear fender, changing it over to one of its own, complete with new oval taillight, marker lights, and a light-up license frame. Likewise, Brian changed out the front fender for one of his new Benchmark pieces that fits Harley's stock 1 7-inch wheel as well as the 18-inch RC Components wheel on this machine. Insofar as the gas goes, Klock Werks styled it up with its own dash and a Ness cap.

Still, any excuse to design new parts is a good excuse. Roger's bike guinea pigged for his son's shop as a pipe mule (Klock Werks needed new exhaust designs for the '09 tourers). Thus the new DoubleBack header mated to a Revolver muffler eight-position tip. It's a mellow-toned setup; we're guessing Roger likes to hear his stereo more than his pipes. The other motor changes were confined to Roland Sands rocker boxes and a MoFlow air cleaner from Cycle Visions.

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