On Steroids

I don't think I would've wanted Brian Klock in my Cub Scout troop as a kid. Sure, things would've been fine most of the year, but for one day, he'd be the kid every other cub wanted to scalp. I'm talking about the pinewood derby. That's where fathers and sons have to build little wood cars, race them, and get a little trophy. Given his father Roger's love of cars and motorcycles, and how he instilled that in Brian, going up against those two in a build-a-car race would be a one-way ticket to therapy for every other cub in the pack. If you need proof of what I'm saying, check out the '09 Electra Glide Classic Brian tailored to his pop.

It's the third in a series of rides Brian has created to give props to his father for being there when he took the leap into custom bike building back in 1997. Back then Roger questioned his son's sanity; he may have even mumbled "adoption" once or twice. Now? Not so much. When your bikes hold land speed records and grace magazine covers on a regular basis, it's okay to call yourself a successful custom bike builder.

Enough with the history lesson, though. Harley renovated its entire tour line for '09, thanks to the redesigned frame. The ripple from that reached the aftermarket, sending guys like Brian to their CAD programs and drawing boards, coming up with new custom parts to fit. Roger's bike carries the re-

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