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mirowncover is QUICK and EASY:

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J.R. Gill's Copper, Brass, and Steel Steed

In these economic times, it's not hard to miss extra coin on the ground or be tempted to deplete the "free" penny dish at your local gas station. Like a shiny penny catching your eye, the copper beast before you has a similar effect, except it's worth a pretty penny to the bike's owner and creator, J.R. Gill, of So-Cal Power Products (SCPP) in Santa Fe Springs,

California. Although the custom took nine months to build, its concept dates back as far as 2005 and its completion wouldn't have been possible without teamwork.

As a third generation metal fabricator, J.R. has spent most of his life in the metalwork industry. He further honed his skills when he went to work for Quality Vessel Engineering (QVE), a company that specializes in the aerospace industry and on a variety of different types of fabrication, including working with exotic metals. "These individuals helped me greatly with the building of this bike" J.R. said. Starting with a frame jig and some stainless steel square and rectangular tube, the frame was constructed to sit a bit differ ent than a stock configuration, with 22

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