"I knew I wanted to use a patina finish on the chrome which would give the bike a semi used look, not too shiny. For the sheetmetal I wanted satin black paint with a pin-up girl on the tank like the bombers of WWII. As you can see from the side of the tanks, she's called, The Heartbreaker. You have to love that nose art. I wanted to use enough of the stock bike so that the Rocker didn't get lost in the build, but still have it all work in harmony with the newer parts. I wanted to give the bike a look as if you were racing a boardtracker in 2009, and in my opinion this is what it would

The Hearltand USA mirrors feature a blinker incorporated into the backside. However, with only the left front blinker/mirror on this bike apparently it's only intended to turn left.

look like. The normal forward foot controls wouldn't work for the lay down position that is required for a racer. With the Flanders handlebars in place I came up with a riding position that was much like one of our co-workers' Buell that he rides to work every day. With Buell foot controls in mind, we went online and bought a set on eBay and then Ted made the mounts that would allow us to bolt them to the bike and tie everything together."

So after first seeing the bike in 2007, the dreaming and drawing for 14 months until he could actually turn his sketch to metal, Lonny and the Heartland USA team worked 'round the clock to get the bike ready for its debut at the 2009 V-Twin Expo in Cincinnati. And that's exactly where we saw the bike and for the first time since the new model came out, fell in love with a Rocker.

"After finishing the bike and looking back at the concept drawing, it looks just like the drawing. I love it when a plan comes together. God Speed Click. The world misses you." HB

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