Time after time I'm asked, "What kind of bike do you ride?" I say it depends on the day. On any given day of the week we have a few different bikes to pick from here at HOT BIKE; anything from little hardtails, Sportsters, Softails, and dressers. It just depends on where we're going, if we need to carry some camera gear and an overnight bag, or if we can just strap a backpack on

and stuff it with a laptop and point-and-shoot camera. A few weeks ago I was out at a local event having a good time checking out all the girls and bikes, and as I was cutting through the parking lot to leave I spotted a two-wheeled bike I really liked; something cool for the magazine. I walked over and snapped a few photos and tucked my card under the seat. Then a guy walked up to me and asked what I liked about this bike. As I was telling him why, he cut me off and asked about trikes and why I don't like them. I was put on the spot because the guy who was asking me was a trike owner (he pointed to his trike). I said, "What makes you think I don't like them?" He replied, "I never see them in your magazine. Why?" I told him that I personally think a motorcycle should have two wheels, and I was not a fan of the way trikes handle: you can't lean the bike over through turns, you can't split lanes, and it is hard to find one with any kind of style (or at least my style). However, I do like sidecars because you can remove them from the bike and then you are back on two wheels again. But don't get mad at me for not liking trikes! It's all about personal taste, right?

Recently, I did have a small change of heart after seeing this cool three-wheeler about a week ago at a Street Chopper party that actually grabbed my attention to where I thought it was pretty cool. So if I could find some more like this one with an H-D motor in it maybe you would see a trike in the magazine, you never know...

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