True Blue

how they hand built the majority of the parts they needed. There weren't stacks of catalogs to order parts from. If you wanted something unique, you had to build it. I'm still amazed at the creativity they had back then. Today you can assemble a motorcycle with all the parts being available through catalogs."

For Bubba an authentic characteristic of old school is that it has to be rigid and Bubbastank certainly meets this criteria. Personally I prefer a custom that is 100 percent artistic and also practical. In Bubbastank, a perfect example is the Blue Ribbon oil filter located in front of the oil tank. You're probably wondering how Bubba came up with that idea and I couldn't resist asking him that same question. "One day I stayed late in the garage with a friend of mine, Mike Robinson, and after a couple of v * mV

beers, we started having a good time. Then Mike got a beer can and went up to one of the customs I was working on and said, "Here is your new oil filter." I thought that was a really cool idea and since then all my designs have this type of filter. It's actually a normal oil filter covered with a beer can." Surely the most pleasant part of the building process is the emptying of the beer cans to make the oil filter. Another part that required creativity and skill was building the gas tank. The tank's sexy curves and smooth lines are accented by some hand laid pinstriping representative of the old school choppers.

When it came to powering this chop, Bubba went to the authority in old style custom V-twin engines, Accurate Engineering, to employ their services. The engine is a 106 Shovelhead. Look-

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