iiryakyn Inner Primary Cover

These new inner primary covers from Kuryakyn fit '07-09 Electra Glides, Road Glides, Street Glides and Road Kings. Bolt it right up to the stock engine case and primary housing to give your primary setup a chrome finish. Kuryakyn (866) 277-9598 | www.kuryakyn.com

Matthews Performance Big Fin Heads


Matthews has released its take on 45-degree V-twin heads with the release of the Matthews M2 and M3 heads. These high-flow heads feature the same port design used in the company's NHRA Prostock car and motorcycle engines. If the pros dig 'em, you might too! Matthews Performance Products www.matthewsperformanceproducts.com

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Trask Performance leads the charge once again by bringing our turbo systems to you!

Now you can install a Trask Turbo System on your EFI-Harley fit with Zipper's ThunderMax, EFI Auto Tune. Kicking off at Sturgis 2009, our full installation facility will he integrated into our trailer vendor display, in about six hours* our top factory mechanics will install and tune your Harley to roll out with

50 HP more than it rolled in with!

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