Hchrome Battery Covers

Chrome-plated battery enclosures include slotted openings for convenient visual check of battery fluid levels. Easy installation.

1. 66358-83 Fits '82-'03 XL models, also fits electric start FX, FXWG models, _and '91-'96 Dyna models._

3. 66340-78 Fits '82-'03 XL models, electric start FX, FXWG models, and _'91-'96 Dyna models._

4. 66367-73 Top Cover.

66367-97 Top Cover. (not shown) _Fits '97-'03 XL models._

*NOTE: Battery dimensions of Harley-Davidson AGM Batteries P/Ns 65989-97A, 65989-90B and 65991-82B may not allow use of accessory battery side covers on XL and Dyna models.

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