Stow your gear for the long haul in Hard, Leather or Rigid Leather Saddlebags. A Detachable or Rigid Mount Luggage Rack can also help you take more along on your two-wheeled journeys.

Sportster Hard Saddlebag 1 Sportster Premium Harness Leather Saddlebag 2 Chrome Mini Luggage Rack 3

Sit in style with a sleek Badlander® Seat, move closer to the controls with a Forward Position saddle, or opt for more padding and support with a deep-bucket Sundowner™ Seat or a seat with Rider Backrest for long journey pursuits. Add an Upright with Back Rest Pad for style and extra passenger comfort.

Badlander® Seat 1 Forward Position Seat 2 Seat with Rider Backrest 3


Back End

Chrome out the rear with Custom Wheels, Sprockets, Upper and Lower Belt Guards and Caliper Inserts or a Complete Rear Chrome Caliper Kit. Chrome Profile® Low Rear Suspension can drop your back end in style while also lowering your seat height.

Profile® Low Rear Suspension


Hand Controls/Bars

Add a Drag Bar for aggressive style and posture or a Buckhorn Handlebar for more relaxed riding. Combine chrome switch housings with braided stainless steel cables and custom levers, grips and mirrors to complete the look.

1 Classic Teardrop Mirror

2 Contoured Chrome and Rubber Custom Hand Grips


Picture your Sportster possibilities online with the new Genuine Motor Accessories

Customiser. Only at




Get radical coverage with a Colour-Matched Detachable Quarter Fairing, or opt for a Detachable Super Sport, Compact or Touring Windshield. Smoked varieties reduce glare and add an element of style.

1 Colour-Matched Detachable Quarter Fairing

2 Detachable Super Sport Windshield

3 Detachable Touring Windshield m v.'



Choose from a wide selection of bolt-on Accessory Collections and Air Cleaner Cover Trim to cover your custom bases. Smaller details like a Chrome Tappet Block Cover can make your Evolution® engine shine even brighter. Polish things off with an assortment of chrome hardware.

Colour-Matched Air Cleaner Cover


Front End

Choose from a variety of custom wheels, including the Detonator,™ ThunderStar™ and Chrome-Laced styles. Try black-accented versions to complement dark paint or start a blacked-out theme. Chrome Lower Fork Sliders and Calipers can take you the extra custom mile.

1 Detonator Three-Spoke Custom Wheel

2 Chrome-Laced Wheel


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