YAMAILK XT 500 C, 1976 model, single cyl, 4-stroke, off road, motor runs well, no smoke, close to original condition. Rare collectors motorcycle. VIN: 1J6-010G15 (JBM1779522) 08 8388 3571 SA ' $2.700

HARLEY-DAVIDSON SPORTSTER 1982 XLSA1000 ROADSTER 25th Anniversary Model788 anniversary paint scheme produced worldwide, new battery/car-by.Starrs easy, runs strong.rides well, imported from California No Reg/RWC ENG# Ihdlcbh20cy200233 VIN: Ihdlcbh20cy200233 (JBWI541751) 0397010454 VIC $6.900 ono ilaws1

RARE ORIGINAL 1950 RUSSIAN URAL, M72M. One of two in Australia, comes with second complete reco engine, gearbox, still in crate from rebuild in America. Many other spares, such as new original tyres, speedometer. Starts first kick, in full running order and runs like a clock. ENG# i 7464 VIN: 198274 (JBW1539561) 0419289212 NSW $10,500 ono

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