Ww I

USD Fork, 4 Stroke Zf' Trellis Frame (Large Size)

ql- Orion 21 70cc

Orion 30D 250cc

19"/16" Alloy Wheels Electric/Kick Start. 3D># F/R Adj. Shock

Orion 30E 250cc

Mkg^fl 21"/18 Rims Full-Size fSfrJl £leetric/Kick Start, F/R Adj. Shock

Orbit 110cc

Orion 36 2S0cc

Full-Size. ^ Ultra Strong F/R Shockies. > 21-/18" RimvEleetrle/Kick Start

L/'onRock 125cc

Semi-Auto, 4 Stroke. Electro/Kick StartGrwt for Kid»

Jet-X 125cc

7" Mud Tyres Spied Govornor Sem I-Auto with Reverse

^ 9 Full-Auto Engine Remole Control S" or 7* Hud Tyrw SpMd Governor. Carry Rack y*

Jet-X PRO 125cc

Jr; ^J I 8" Off-Road Tyros Racing COI and Coll A j Semi-Auto with Rev

MIKUNI Carbi.Alloy Racing Muffler

T' Mud Tyres Dual Carry Racks Semi-Auto with Revers«


4-Stroke Electric Start Semi-auto with Reverse ***

v, Squarep

S" Mud Tyres \ Electric/kick Start Semi-Auto witii Rev

Hummer f50cc

Fits Two Adults F/R a'710" Mud Tyres ' Automatic with Reverse

low Bar 8" Mud Tyres Sam I-Auto with Rev v Hummer 250cc

Tow Bar 10" Mud Tyres 5 Speed Manual

150CC Go-Kart n ft ^v Single-Seats

Massive Size Pf

Automatic with Rev F/R 10710" Mud Tyres

Boxed Price. All pics are for illustration purposes only.

Stomper-X 250cc 4-Stroke ^

Carry Rack

Gas Shocky • t 10" Mud Tyres , F/R Disc Brakes

Alloy Rims Ä Water-Cooled Mm FIR 10"/10" MudTyW Automatic with Reverse

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