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with this project. Christian convinced Ami to come out to Arizona and see the SPS plant, the company's bikes, and what the facility could do for him and the Love Hate Choppers vision.

Once at the SPS factory, Ami pulled out a sketch of the bike that would later be called "Love." Ami wanted to be in the design process as much as possible. The bike in this drawing looked similar to a Miami beach cruiser, according to Ami. With a set of 23-inch wheels, flat-sided spilt tanks, Shovelhead motor, a tranny with a kicker, Springer frontend, mid controls, and a mild paintjob. The two spent the next several days coming up with ideas and concepts for the bike. With this being the first prototype and Ami wanting to turn it into a production bike, working out all the details was going to take some time.

They started with putting a SPS rigid frame with 30 degrees of rake on to the lift, added a Springer frontend and placed a set of wheels on the bike to size things up. A new 93ci S&S Shovel-

head motor was set in the frame along with a baker 6-into-4 tranny with a brass kicker. Then with pieces of cardboard they shaped the gas and oil tanks to the frame. Next, they started working on the handlebars and the seat. Once the seat pan was done they shipped it out to Duane Ballard to get the Love Hate logo tooled into the leather. As for the bars, Ami wanted them to have an up-sweep bend with tight points but look seem-less.

The wheels were next. Ami worked with the CNC designer to come up hot bike | 33 &

Ami ChopperAmi James Motorcycle

with a billet wheel that was 23 inches and looked like cherry blossoms, a wide five-leaf flower used in a lot of tattoo art work. The wheels needed to look clean so Ami turned to Dale at 360 Brake to put some super slick brakes on the wheels. As Larry Weymouth of Ami James Jewelry did all the custom wax cast badges and tank dash, Steel Visions did the paint. Everything was done one off the first time for this prototype from the wheels to the tank, bars and Jockey shifter. With the actual Love Hate production model it will have all the things required to make it compliant including horn, turn signals, headlight with high/low switch, and foot shift but more or less it will look like the bike you see.

Chopper Headlight hot bike j 35 S

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