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While many are still clamoring to get their hands on the new XR1200, Storz Performance recently announced a long list of upgrades for the new platform. New parts include a 2:2 high pipe dirt track style exhaust system by BUB, Storz billet aluminum Rearset Footpeg Kit with a more compact shift linkage system, Storz/Ceriani Adjustable Steering Damper Kit, YSS Racing Shocks which are damping and length adjustable, Solo Seat Tail Section, Saddlemen Seat pad, Brake Tech Full Floating Front Disc Kit, and more.

Storz Motorcycle

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offers new-school gj^e) ways to cover them.

Sucker Punch Sally Motorcycles

CUSTOM COVERAGES. Sucker Punch Sally's owner, Christian Clayton, knows what goes into custom bikes. So he loves that Progressive insures many custom motorcycles, offers $3,000 worth of custom accessories coverage at no extra charge and covers customizations up to $30,000. Get the right insurance for your ride at 1-800-PROGRESSIVE or call an independent agent.

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#1 in Motorcycle Insurance

Progressive Casualty Ins Co. aod itsaffiliates. Mayfteid Village. OH Accessories coverage nol available in at! states Mo 1 in motorcycle from 2008 Millwanj Brown & Hairis. interactive survey oat,:« 43,000 custom accessory coverageincluded in mosl states with the purchase of comprehensive coverage. All coverages, subject to poticy terms and conditions 09D00292 (OS/OS)

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    What kind of wheels are on the sucker punch sally bike?
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