Love Hate Choppers

Love And Hate Choppers

It's nice to see that if Ford goes out of business we can still its parts in the motorcycle industry.

Christian Clayton with Hate.

Leaf Spring Front End

As all the ideas for the Love bike were coming together Christian had a bike in mind that he wanted to build around a leaf spring frontend that he got from Billy Lane. He felt it would make the perfect match to the "Love" bike as the "Hate" bike.

The frontend was cut and reformed to fit the compact version of what Christian had in his head. He added a giant '32 Deuce coupe headlight and then he worked on a set of old school Hollywood bars, original flat side tanks and a leaf spring seat with leather also done by Duane Ballard. It all sat on a Santee wishbone frame he got form Custom Chrome. Christian called up S&S and got a new 93ci Pan-head for his build along with a Baker 6-into-4 tranny with a kicker. As he was planning and building his vision of the Hate bike Christian was keeping Ami in the loop and both were coming up with ideas to complement each other's bikes. There was a brass H-bomb oil bag sitting around the shop and as the Hate bike was taking shape it was obvious it would work for this bike. Christian nickel plated the frontend and had a custom set of mid controls made. They cut some

Mid Controls Chopper
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