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What do you get when you mix one part bike builder, one part tattoo artist, two parts of creativity, and two parts of style? Love Hate Choppers and the story how two guys from two different industries met up, crushed some ideas, and built two customs that would start up an even bigger idea to produce a line of production bikes.

The name Ami James of Miami Ink fame and Love Hate Tattoo and Love


Hate Lounge may ring a bell. Ami was out in Daytona last year looking at bikes, hoping to find one that matched his ideal ride. He had a style in mind that he was after but was not really feeling anything he was willing to plop money down on. It was then he realized he was going to have to build the bike he envisioned.

About a year earlier Ami had ran into Christian Clayton, owner of Sucker Punch Sally's (SPS), at the ROT rally in Texas, and they had talked a lot about motorcycles and what they liked and would build, they both had a similar passion for bikes. Back in Daytona, Ami was walking passed the SPS booth and remembered the conversation he had with Christian a year earlier. After some discussion, Ami asked Christian if he could help him build the bike that he had in mind. Ami was also hoping that the bike could one day be turned into a line of production bikes called Love Hate Choppers. Christian was glad to see Ami and agreed to help him out


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  • Brunilde
    Who make ami james bike?
    8 years ago
  • Fre-weini
    Who built ami james motorcycle?
    8 years ago
  • pippin
    What type of motorcycle is Ami James?
    7 years ago

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