Ptvit Featherltte Pedal

A flat pedal built for performance

Haro's line of components, Premium, makes quality hard goods for mountain and BMX bikes. The Pivit pedal sells for $99.

Technical features: Pivit pedals are made from CNC-machined aluminum, have a thick 14-millimeter profile, and a machined chromoly spindle. Available in three colors, the Pivit pedals have a sealed bearing and bushing design, replaceable pins and they weigh 16 ounces per pair. Haro, (760) 599-0544.

After the thrashing: If the Featherlite pedal looks familiar, that's because there have been numerous companies that have used this same design in recent years. When taken apart, the Pivit Featherlite has practically the same internals as an Atomlab pedal we reviewed years ago. We ran Haro's Pivit pedals on dirt jump bikes and when racing downhill. The narrow profile makes them ideal for racing, as they have good clearance for obstacles, and the replaceable pins are crucial for riders who thrash their pedals. The tough chromoly spindle stood up to harsh landings, but after a few months play developed between the spindle and bearing.

You just finished an epic ride and wish you could clean yourself and your bike before heading to the taco stand with your buds. The $250 Nomad Cordless Power Cleaner is a take-along shower.

Tech features: The Nomad has a user-adjustable spray; detachable, 3.5 gallon tank; an 18-volt rechargeable battery and charger; a 12-volt automotive-plug-in power adapter; a zippered storage pouch; a built-in filter; and over-molded handle, cap and spray nozzle; a padded shoulder strap; and a swiveling hose quick connection. The Nomad Power Cleaner is sold in bike shops, RV supply stores and sporting goods stores.

After the thrashing: Calling the Nomad a power cleaner is a stretch. It has enough pressure to blast the dust off a frame, but don't expect it to remove heavy mud from your frame and dri-vetrain between wet downhill runs. It just doesn't have that type of power. We would use the Nomad on a wheel or headset without concern. It doesn't produce the pressure necessary to push crud into the bearing. It is not a car-wash-level sprayer, but that doesn't mean it hasn't become standard

Avid MatchMaker compatibility allows you to customize your cockpit while reducing weight. A set sells for $27.

Technical features: Avid MatchMakers hold Avid brake levers, SRAM triggers, and RockSliox PushLoc controls, all with one, tidy, lightweight clamp. The MatchMaker accepts SRAM X.O, X.9, X.7 trigger shifters and Avid hydraulic brake levers. Avid brake levers that lack the split handlebar clamp are not compatible.

After the thrashing: If you're running SRAM trigger shifters and Avid brake levers, the MatchMaker not only cleans up your cockpit area, but also adds sleek style. With the MatchMaker, you can run either the brake or shifter closest to the grip. Riders who travel with their bikes and break them down often will appreciate that when you remove the MatchMaker from the handlebar, the brakes and shifters are still attached. We found the thumb shifter position options are slightly limited with the use of the MatchMaker.

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