As Well As The Normal Cl There Were Some Slightly E Machines On Display Too Steam Powered Dike

Anyway, the show is held on a fantastic site with big halls to show off the bikes, both classic and custom alike. It's a very popular event and was jammed packed to the rafters - walking round there was stalls for every bike I'd ever heard of and a fair few that I'd never heard of too. The variety of bikes was enormous and I walked round in awe. As well as the 'normal' classics there were some slightly eccentric machines on display too - like the steam-powered bike... mad!

There are masses of stalls too - stalls selling helmets, stalls selling leathers, stalls selling jackets, gloves, in fact everything you could ever want that's even vaguely bike-related.

There were a few old faces on stalls from last year's rallies too, and starting the season early in the cold were the Predators MC and Black Hawks MCC Bristol showing off their custom bikes.

Shows like this just go to prove that whether you're an enthusiast or if bikes are in your blood 24/7, there's enough variety for young and old (or us that're in the middle) and that the love of motorcycles is a common bond we all share. With over a hundred years of motorcycle building on display, there were plenty of things to inspire you and give you ideas for your next build, and enough parts on sale to choose from to build it too! *


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