Bun In The

You can always tell when Spring's arrived - there's blossom on the trees, little lambs playfully gambol in the fields (Til see your twenty, and raise you another twenty*) and, of course, the faithful make their pilgrimage to a small island off the coast of Essex for the Bum In The Mud Rally.

Thankfully, this penance doesn't involve walking up mountains barefooted or spending hours on your knees on hard floors in sub-zero temperatures or wearing a brown sack and giving all your worldly goods to someone who doesn't wear a brown sack and drives around a much more expensive car than you'd ever be able to afford. No, this penance involves attending and enjoying one of the best biker parties of the early part of the year. Mind you, it can leave you feeling as though you've done one or all of the above ...

Ever since, many years ago, I soaked a policeman who was directing traffic on the causeway that separates Mersea from the mainland by riding through the water and sending a huge bow wave O

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