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Bulletproof Kevlar Off

A relatively new name in biker clothing, Bulletproof are swiftly gaining themselves a good reputation for their range of Kevlar clothing. They offer two kinds of combats - 'normal' and zip-off.

The conventional ones are in desert or dark camp and are made from 100% cotton fabric with 100% knitted Kevlar lining with an inner comfort liner to keeps the rider cooler in hot weather and prevents irritation from the Kevlar. They haveanarmour retention system in the hipsand armour pockets in the knees, a high fashion design with deep waist bands and lots of pockets with flap closures secured with Velcro, and calf zips and closures to fit most boot sizes. They're available in two leg lengths for both men and wome and prices start at £99.99.

The zip-offs are in black ioo%cotton fabric with,again, 100% knitted Kevlar and, as well as all the above features, the legs zip undone above the knee to convert into shorts. They too are available in two leg lengths and they cost £109.99, and you can get them from any Bulletproof stockist-find your nearest by ringing Bulletproof on 023 8069 2008 or going to www.bulletproofclothingco.co.uk


Get Geared doa huge range of motorcycle trewsers.and these two stand out. First up, the Streetfighter Attacks - not so m uch combats as com bat-styled bike trousers, they're much heavier duty than normal com bats and are breathable, wind proof and waterproof and have a removable padded winter lining,CE armour, and reinforcing in the critical points. Available in urban camo, they cost £169.95.

They also do Draggin camos too - made from Kevlar Unobtanium (did they get it from Pandora?). Available in orange, red, blue, grey, yel low, urban and... umm... camo camo, they cost £129.99.

Get them from GetGeared at 290 Kingston Road Leatherhead, KT22 7QE or 0845 017 5007 o r www.getgeared.co.uk

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