Now it's been a few years since I did a proper Scottish rally (the Scottish N ABD excepted) and" I'd forgotten how good they are. There isn't the same obsession with 'entertainment' as there is at some of the English rallies

- people go to these things to socialise, to talk shite, to drink and then dance like loons, and then stagger off to bed shagged out and inebriated with big silly grins plastered all over their faces. It's what rallies were about all those years ago when I started going to them back in ... umm ... 1987 ...Jesus, doesn't time fly when you're having fun?

Anyway, the Wildcat has been running for ten years and TEAM MCC have developed a reputation for putting on a good bash. It's not a big rally by any stretch of the imagination and the folk who go to it are all a little bit more hardcore perhaps than a lot of rallygoing folk because it's such a trek to get there

- it's 273 miles from Edinburgh, for example, and 351 from Dumfries, so it's not just round the corner, y'know? That does mean, though, that they're up for some serious partying when they get there and it shows. Boy, it shows!

Friday night's band were Whisky and they played rocked-up traditional Scottish music and had the floor full of reeling (sorry ...) dancers who were far too energetic for their own good. Don't ask me what time they finally knocked it on the head, but it was (or felt like) not long before the Sun came up!

Saturday then, as you can imagine, started off a bit subdued, but soon perked up again when the silly games started. The first one involved water balloons, spacehoppers and Pushing Pussy's Ring (which then squirted on you). I'm not going to tell you much

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