it was last year too. The hall was so packed that me glasses steamed up within about fifteen seconds of entering it, and there were a lot more stalls in the trade villagey bit too. But, despite this, nothing ever felt rushed or crowded - the organisers, Piglet and Nick, and their (small) army of volunteers, had obviously allowed for such an occurrence and dealt with it accordingly. Nice job, guys.

On Friday night Suspect Device (punk), Rockface (Eighties-style metal) and the Hoggz (modern and classic covers) played in the main hall, while out in the chill-out (well, it was a bit parky) marquee Brains' rock disco kept as many folk entered as the Ministry of Loud's did inside. Friday is traditionally the night for 'going for it' as most folk have to ride Sunday and so don't get quite as hammered Saturday night and, judging by the number of stories I was told Saturday about how good Friday night was (especially how good Suspect Device were), it sounds like this year was no exception.

But it's Saturday that's the main day and it was another cracker. Warm(ish), sunny(ish), not very windy (no mean feat considering the North Sea is but a sneeze's distance away), and crammed with good people and funky motorbikes. The custom show, sponsored by us 'ere at Biker, had perhaps a slightly smaller turnout than last year, but the standard of kit entered in it was as good as ever. Carmen's GSXnoo chop (soon to be featured) was one of the highlights of it for me, as was Scummy's V8 trike (please, Mr Scumster, can

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