Farmyard Party

June 18-19-20

Ouncomde Pari Estate Helmsley. North Yorkshire

M u;\No I lundraising event. m> sou can expect nil uf your (uvuuritr attractions und morr al I' uro|K-'s hij>£i">l & hcsl nmluri u li milt rulh Tickets " prkrs: Pre-b.«ik «5.110 O.T.G. OS 00 ' lull MAG im-mbers twiiit CHUN) in voucher*al the eveul. MMuiles CI.INI Joint members tin INI & (£.00. .ill ledeem.ihk on evenl products and beer

♦I rcdil/dcbil ur<K taken online al Jar m> or ring OSHO <WM l'W cut oil dale 11,h, ¿0111 *tl¿¡0 per ticket hooking lee Cheques. In Ikr I arimard I'artv. I'.( I. Bin 5047. Hugh) CV2I VIII IIimm tncludr a S.A.I.. cut oil dale 4 <« ill HI. No booking let required Tor cheque«. Disabled car driver«: strtclh pre hook b> be ovcFWMbi Iht N VIII)

Ming Trrr pbnor UNI mi Number lor details No larv No vans. No pedestrians. No nmrn Vi colours to he oorn on site please.

Hit Snatch Mcc

__Would lib to imile ww lo.

The 20th Snatch Rally

Incorporating >0 Yn of Scutch Mcc

Tickets LI 0 at The Wlrral Club Thornton Common Rojd. W irral Custom Slio«. Winner lakes All,

Good Food. Hog Roast, Stalls. Late Bat, Afternoon Entertainment Bauds tiidar. Bad Reputation

Heft Bells Rock Disco Fot info call Frank 07759 579465 ot e-Mail: frank^ 1 tckets till pre book only stMI Iamit UX CHttBREN Ml ST BE SlIPERXTSFD Cm PjiVihc CIO. Ifeibled Kite. * 11 Bdr R1D1:


Number one tor Harlcy-Oavidaon parts www. hogparts

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