Wanted This To Be A Genuine Urban Street Bike

One-off metallic silver Owner the Sun goes down -1 wanted to give the bike an 'alien' look and, once the switch is thrown, this has been achieved admirably.

The guys at Scorpion were very helpful, but it did take them a while to specially make the 'pipe I'd requested but, once it arrived, I was delighted with die look and sound of the modified 4-1 exhaust.

Many other modifications have been done on the V-Max to help its handling and appearance but, like so many other bikes of this type, it will probably be an on-going project - I'd like a mural on the tank, Ri USDs and a 300 back end, but it's done me proud and is quite a contrast to 'Kcabnrut'. *

I'd always wanted a V-Max so, after trawling through the regular channels, I found a 1990 full power Canadian import with an Exactrep body kit on eBay fitted. It was scruffy, but again, I could see the possibilities. The idea was to re-do and exaggerate the silver finish - to turn the 'Max into a fully blown 'Silver Machine' (long serving Hawkwind fan, y'see).

I found a company in Germany who could supply chrome air scoops, chrome clutch and brake reservoirs, chrome switches housing and chrome rocker covers. A nice set of polished spike handlebar grips came from the Far East and other silver and chrome parts were found locally.

Spoke again did his magic on the motor ... and then told me not to buy any more black engined bikes! We then made a green LED lighting loom, which is very effective once

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