If Its Actually Possible It Looked Lke There Were Even More People At This Years Rash Than There Were Last Year

over him (he really wasn't happy - his two mates in the car at the other side thought it was hysterical though), I've been waiting for the chance to splash through the water again. So, this year, when Piglet posted up the tide times on the 100% Biker website and I saw that the one on Friday was 20.09,1 thought 'woohoo, splashy time!'. Then, of course, summat happened and I wasn't able to get down until Saturday morning... curses, foiled again.

If it's actually possible, it looked like there were even more people at this year's bash than there were last year - there were certainly tents taking up space that wasn't being used last year and the outside bar in the marquee was much busier than

Predator Rat

we take some pics of it?), Mark's 'Predator' rat GSX-R (again, soon to be featured), and one of the organiser/volunteer's GSX Eleven semi-fighter too (gissabell?), but there were loads of good 'uns

- both meself and Juke off the Biker forum were particularly taken with (another) a GSX called 'The Kurgan' which just looked and sounded properly evil and, I believe, she's since bought it... jammy git! The Humdingers played to the assembled hordes and, I'm reliably informed, were as excellent as ever... I'll take your word for it, eh? My dislike of rock n' roll is so intense that I probably should speak to someone about it, but they seemed to go down well with everyone else so maybe it's just me, eh?

Just a suggestion for the custom show, guys

- it might be an idea to make a note of what the winning bikes are, rather than just read out their reg numbers? That way we can all know what they are - the number of folk I heard asking 'what was that then?' as each category was read out was really quite high, y'know?

Anyway, moving on, Saturday night's bands were Rubicon (classic rock covers), FUBAR (modern and classic covers) and Bad Penny (classic covers). Were they any good? Dunno, as usual I was outside with mates, drinking and talking shite, as were a hell of a lot of other folk but, from where I was lounging, the hall looked packed and more than a few sweating, grinning folk kept coming out for a cool down and then diving back into the melee again so I'd guess they were all up to standard. In all the years the Bum's been on, I've yet to hear a bad word about any of the bands and this year was no exception.

Colossus, the jet trike, had been firing up and putting on smoke and flame shows all weekend so I'd thought I'd wait for the last show at 9pm Saturday to get atmospheric pictures for you lot. I, and more than a few others, duly traipsed over to see it but, despite a few early 'firing-up' noises, O

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