t belongs to a gentleman by the name of Richard Isaacs and it's based around a '59 Triumph motor and a '53 Triumph frame. It was originally built for him by Eric at Ekquire Motorcycles in Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk, between 1998 and 2000 when he was living in the area. Ekquire is one of the those bike shops that are all too rare these days - the sort that know about and will work on almost any kind of motorcycle, be it British, American, Italian, German or Japanese, old or new - and Eric is almost legendary in vj those parts as someone f- \ wh° really jV knows

He first ^sL^* built up n*-. the motor, a 650CC T110, Dflr V and installed

\ frame a B^V v. which is a two piece affair with a bolt-on hardtail | rear section. The bike started off widi a mag wheel and drilled disc from an old RD250 Yam, a Lockheed caliper from a Norton, ^mm six inch over T140V ^^ forks in standard yokes, a tank from a i960 Triumph Trophy, a stock '53 oil tank, an aftermarket rear mudguard and a drum braked rear wheel and, Richard says, Eric did a lovely job of building the bike and making all the stainless parts it needed along the way. As it was to be a hard-working bike, he decided he didn't want it painted, 'cos that could chip or rub off, so the main parts were shipped off to a powdercoating company in Yorkshire who specialised in candy powdercoat with a lacquer finish and the tank and wheels were done with two colors, magenta and purple, and everything else was done in purple. The finishing touch was in April 2000 when Eric made a side mount number plate bracket and stainless grab rail - Richard rode the

Triumph to a local show and came away with 'Best Paint' (ironically ...), 'Best Custom' and 'Best in Show'.

That wasn't the end of the bike's evolution though. In 200ihe got hold of a lump of aluminum from a mate and had some slab yokes made by a local engineering firm, and added a pair of'piston' risers too. In 2002 he got a belt drive clutch, changed the seat for a sprung one and added the naughty artwork on the battery box, and in 2003 he stripped the whole bike down and got the frame, mudguards and oil tank painted done in the same two colors as the petrol tank and wheels. He rewired it, with all the wiring going O

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