It's funny, isn't it, how all the characters in biker fiction who've been inspirational in some way to us lot in bikerland have been, in the main, the bad guys?

mean, while the hero in'The Wild One' was obviously Marlon Brando as 'Johnny' (who was also a *bad boy'), but the coolest one was Lee Marvin's character 'Chino', the proper wild one. Both Dennis Hopper's and Peter Fonda's characters in 'Easy Rider' were bad lads (they made their money selling drugs, remember?), Kaneda in 'Akira' was the leader of a biker gang who went out and fought with other biker gangs, and The Mighty Wez from 'Mad Max II' was a stone cold killer (who liked to ride about with a pretty blonde boy on the back of his bike whilst wearing trousers with no arse in them, but we won't talk about that here, eh?). Even Jack Shit from 'Bloodrunners' wasn't strictly a good guy, y'know?


away from the badlands of central Australia as it's possible to get and still be on the same planet. He and his bike hail from Stornoway on the isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides so how did a bloke living so far from, well, anywhere really become the first person in the UK to have a Goose bike?

Well, he'd wanted one since the day he saw the film but, like all good things in life, he had to wait for it. He started looking into b uilding one a few years ago, but finding a fairing that looked right was near on impossible. Then, by chance, he heard of a company in Japan, Whilehouse, who were making replica body kits but, despite repeated attempts, they wouldn't reply to his emails. This is something to do with the Japanese character apparently - it's impolite to actually say 'no' to someone, but perfectly acceptable just to ignore them ...

Anyway, a year or so later he was doing some building work for a friend who announced that he would shortly be off to Japan to buy cranes for his business. Well, that was it - Colin gave him a shopping list of parts and Dougie, his mate, went. He got an email a few days later saying that, for some reason, Whitehouse wouldn't sell him the parts, but Dougie doesn't O

In fact probably the only cool biker character who was a straight up, dyed in the It. wool goodie was Jim Goose i from 'Mad Max' - the laid /a back, laconic bike-riding mfr cop who comes to a very sticky end indeed. His I character is much cooler i than Mel Gibson's 'Max'

I and has much better lines I ' I - including the classic A J 'see you on the road, WjF skag', one of the all-

time movie greats. His I bike, a 1977 Kawasaki ^^^ Z1000 with specially-

made bodywork, has also become one of the icons of the biking film world but, until now, no-one in this country has managed to do a replica.

Colin Maclean, the owner of this ultra-desirable ^^^^^^^ Gooseified

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