Last Minute Wonder

were put under the wheels and a luggage rack made, all ready for the 3500 mile trip to Faro and back. The weekend on which we were due to leave came and I took the bike home on the Friday evening to load up for the early morning start for Plymouth Saturday. I was so relieved that, finally, my dream had come true but, just as I rolled onto my drive, the headlight fell off. Into the garage and four hours later I'd rustled up a temporary replacement out of some scrap from behind the shed. I loaded her up, 1.30am, job done - a whole seven hours to spare!

At 6.30 this next morning I had a flat battery and a leaking fuel tap. I was about ready to throw the towel in and take my BMW, but the missus stepped in and assured me that Shaun would sort it (as he always does) and, once I'd got it to his workshop, he did. So that was it - away we went. The Moto Club Faro Rally 2009 was the debit for my matt white vision and we picked up Second Chop in the custom show so all the trouble was definitely worth it. No major issues to report on route either - slight oil leak, snapped clutch cable and, oh yeah, lost the suicide shift at 90mph racing to the port but, hey, wouldn't be as much fun if nothing occurred, would it?

As with all the bikes out of the


Barley Custom Cycles stable, they are built to be ridden and used and abused in all weathers, but we still get the same comments - 'you can't ride that far' or 'it won't go round corners', but the favourite is always 'I bet that came on a trailer'. How wrong can they be! If a bike can't be ridden 400 miles in a day then it's not a bike, it's an ornament.

So we'll see what 2010 brings. I haven't got any plans to change it, just to use it so keep an eye out at the rallies. Maybe there'll be a new project for 2011, we'll see -there's loads of time yet, isn't diere? *

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