Paddock Stands

You can get paddock stands in any numberof shapes and sizes these days, but none chunkier, sturdier and more rigid than Oxford's gleam ing silver items.

They boast massive40mm diameter heavy gauge steel tubingfourhigh quality wheelsfor maximum stability, both bracing clamps and struts to ensure rigidity under even the heaviest sports tourers, and apadded handle to cushionyou r delicate pinkies from all that weight.

Now, in addition to the rubber-coated pads which slideunder the swingarm and, for the same Ā£54.99, you also get the option of using bobbins as they come with hooks as well. All you need to do is buy the bobbinsappropriatetoyourbike and 'gettingit up'will neverhave been so easy! For more information, a brochure oryourlocal dealerinfo call Oxford on 01993862300 orvisit



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