Riders Are Voters Manifesto

motorcycles and scooters have the potential to address many transport problems, also helping to reduce social exclusion, transport C02 and improve quality of life. The potential benefits, both as a popular form of transport and as recreation, have been suppressed by a general failure of local and national authorities to 'Think Bike'.

The UK's principal motorcycle organisations call on the next Parliament to ensure that future transport, business and social policy realises the full potential of biking by:

Motorcycling represents a significant voice in the UI< and deserves a far better deal that it currently gets. The UK's motorcycle riders, industry and sports are asking for your support 011 issues that concern them. Motorcycling represents a greatly untapped source of solutions for many issues facing society: traffic congestion, personal

CO2 emissions, travel costs, flexible mobility. Significant contributions are made to national and local economies by motorcycle manufacture, sales and service, sport, transport and leisure.

Public policy remains largely ignorant of motorcycling as a mainstream form of transport, but its contribution to other policy objectives is even less well understood. Road safety policy focuses almost entirely on improving riders without addressing those road and traffic conditions that too often make riders vulnerable. Industry is held back by policies, which ignore its needs and the contribution it makes to the economy. Unnecessary restrictions are placed 011 organisers of motorcycle sport and social events and society is denied the opportunity to fully utilise the positive aspects of biking. Motorcycling is popular: Around 3 million licence holders, more than 1.2 million ride regularly. Riders contribute around £7 billion per annum to the national economy. Biking is big business: The motorcycle industry employs 62,000 people in 5,700 enterprises. 500,000 new and used bikes are sold each year. Motorcycles bring mobility: traffic congestion and incomplete public transport links present barriers to many journeys that powered two-wheelers can take in their stride. Riders buy for practical reasons and for enjoyment: Over 60% of journeys are for commuting, utility, practical purposes (especially important for job seekers and for those 011 low incomes). Riders save time: cutting journey times by up to 48% in some surveys. Riders use land more efficiently: many bikes can fit into one car parking space. Riders reduce traffic congestion: bikes are shorter and narrower and remain more mobile in traffic jams. Riders create very little pollution: CO2 emissions 30% lower than cars on average. Riders' risk of injury has fallen by nearly 30% in the last decade.

Riders Are Voters 2010 The Motorcycling Manifesto. 'Riders Are Voters 2010' was supported by the main organisations representing UK riders, sport and industry.

Fergus (National Clubs Officer & Vice Chair)

For individual membership phone during office hours on 01788 570065 or go on-line at www.mag-uk.org - if any clubs would like to affiliate please email [email protected].


II owner, Stez,has ; at what age did you get M^^^Mljeen the driving kes? and how soon

|Jr/' Iwl force behind them - : after that into customs?

^H he's been involved ; I first got into bikes in my

■ in the Great British : teens, but not of the custom

MM Biker Build-Off ; variety. At that stage it was with bikes like 'ALF' and 'Captain • more Plag Ninetys (C90S) and

America' (and in actually getting I stripped down field bikes, and it off the ground in the first place ; throughout that entire period too) and, under his leadershop, j my only aspiration was to get

Polar Cycles is still pushing the : a Honda XL185 (which never envelope of what can be done j happened). I suppose buying with custom bikes. Check out ! basket cases and building them their website and see! ; up with any bits I could make

I'm not a builder who is blinkered to different styles and genres and just repeats the same bike over and over again, claiming it as my own style

Polar Cycles in Harworth, near

Doncaster, are one of those , custom shops that turn out stunning bike after stunning bj fit was the start of my custom build experience. In later years my attention turned to Harley-Davidson motorcycles as in the early Eighties the Evolution motor and Softail frame was launched, but as I was newly wedded and mortgaged at this time these were simply out of my price range and, again, I was forced to go for something a little cheaper which, at the time, happened to be a BSA A65 which, with its full mudguards front and rear and nacelle forks, reminded me of the styling of the Heritage Softail. Having finished my BSA project, and having gained experience of the A65's engine failings (timing side bush failure on crank), I started my next project, another BSA A65 Lightning, and at this point did delve deeply into the custom jonra building a low rider frame, fitting a 16" Harley rear wheel, Harley fat bob tanks and slab yokes. This project went on to win my first show and from that point I have never looked back.

The next logical step was to actually acquire the bike I have always dreamed of but, unfortunately, I ended up with a 1976 Harley Davidson FL Shovelhead instead which this left me in a great deal of debt even though it was a non-runner. This forced me to reach out into the biking fraternity looking for assistance in breathing life into my newly acquired dream and enabled me to use my experience to help others who, in turn, helped me. Harley-Davidsons have been a constant in my life since that time, although over the last fifteen years or so only as a platform to start from.

where do you find your inspiration? who are your heroes? (biking or otherwise?)

My inspiration comes from the chosen style of the bike. Say I was a building a Bay Area-style chop -1 tend to isolate the aspects of that style which set it apart from other styles and emphasise them as much as possible while, at the same time, being as different as possible from previous bikes built in that particular style. I am not a builder who is blinkered to different styles and genres and repeat the same bike over and over again, claiming it as my own style - if a project is challenging and fraught with difficulty it tends to be more interesting to me being a pro builder and earning my living from building and maintaining full customs. The thought of working on an army of cloned bikes would send me insane.

Heroes? Well, not so much heroes as people I most admire. The first is easy - Curtis, my son, for the poise and dignity he has maintained throughout his treatment of Acute Myeloid Leukaemia and the fact that his zest for life has neither been lost nor tainted by several years of pain and uncertainty, even though now he is still battling with problems. I would also like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Pete Walker and his team at North Yorkshire MAG, Big Paul and Geordie from Satan Slaves South

Yorkshire and all their brothers nationally, Taff and Pete of Hells Angles MC, Hodgie, Jonny G and all the customers of Polar Cycles -all of whom have helped to support my family morally and financially throughout our son's prolific struggle. THANKS GUYS!

which is your favourite bike you've built? and why?

Being involved in such a rich diversity of builds it's difficult to choose one bike that I favour above all others but, having said this, there are several machines that stand out in memory due to the difficulty encountered in there conception. Some of them are quite well known and others that are all but obscure - one of the former is A.L.F. (Alien Life Form), the bike we built for the British Biker Build Off mainly because the ridged exoskeletal frame and the reverse leading link fork design were so different and un-tested that many people, including the team helping build it, thought it would prove to be unridable, but every one of the 5000 miles I did on it gave me so much pleasure because of it.

And of the latter was the Jaguar bike - the task set before me was to design and build a bike that would fit inside the leaping cat emblem of the Jaguar car company. Not too difficult you might think ... until it was decided that the wheels and engine were to be the only cycle parts visible outside the cat's body.

the thought of working on an army of cloned bikes would send me insane

At this point the problems became immense, but all of them were overcome and the outcome was a bike which has been revered as both a triumph of engineering and a motorised fairground ride but, where ever it goes, it never fails to provoke opinion.

There are of course many others such as Kev's Lucky 7, Demeter, Mustang Sally, Dean's 360 single sider, the Barmy 'Busa and Tony's Big Blue Rocker, all of which are united in memory by the problems both set and overcome by design.

where do you see custom bike building going in the future?

I diink, much like the seasons, styles and genres will continue to repeat themselves - this is bom out by our current retro bobber revival. Well, as long as organisations like MAG (the Motorcycle Action Group) and other like-minded people continue to defend our right to ride modified machines from anti-tamperinglegislation. ©

100% Biker brings you the best upcoming events for your diary.

Due to the sheer number of events we've had to limit the info we can print to just the date, name location, ticket price and contact details, I'm afraid, and if we do it like this we can do our damndest to make sure we can get everyone's events in. Keep sendingthem ,n and we II keep listingthem! Send 'em to Rally Weekend, 100% Biker, Old School, Higher Kinnerton, Chester, CH4 9AJor email 'em to edicoh§)ioo-biker.co.uk n-i3th June: Chop n' Stock Custom Bike Show at Kingstand Golf & Country Club, Leicester Forest East, Leics (LE3 bNQ). Tickets £10 weekend or £4 Sunday. More info from 07768 282953 or www.chopnstock.co.uk

n-ijth June: Welshcoast MCC's Rali Y Ddraig Feddw at Scurlage, The Gower, Swansea. Tickets £12 prebook or £15 on gate, 300 limit. More info from www.welshcoast.co.uk

«»-13th June: The Three Shires Show's 10th Anniversary on the A41 at Tern Hill, near Market Drayton, Shrops. Tickets £30 prebook or £35 on gate or £15 Friday only or £20 Saturday only. More info from 07769 580033 or www.chopper-club.com

10-i3th June: Harley-Oavidson Club Catalunya's Reunio Internacionale in El Vendress, Tarragona, Spain. More info from www.hdcatalunya.com

n-i3th June: Reading MAG's Lion Rally at Grazeley, Reading, Berkshire (RG7 iPL). Tickets £20 prebook (including free £10 beer voucher for MAG member or free £5 beer voucher for non members) or £20 on gate. More info from 0118 988 3226 or www.lionrally.com

11-i3th June: Boring Old Fartz MCC's 9th Whistle with the Wind Rally at Portway Rugby Club, near Redd itch, Worcs

(M42 Jen 3/A435). Tickets £12 prebook or £15 on gate. More info from 07977 581624 or www.boringoldfartz.co.uk

n-i3th June: Harley Butts Rally in Lloret de Maf, Spain. More info from www.harleybutts.com

ii-i3th June: 3 Amigos' Summer Show at the Speculation Inn, Hundelton, Pembroke (SA715RU). More info from 07515 631554 or 07501063074.

ii-i3th June: Havoc MCC's 2nd Custom Show/Rally at Milton Keynes Rugby Club, Field Lane, Greenleys, Milton Keynes (MK12 6AZ). Tickets £10 prebook or £12 on gate (one day tickets available on the day). More info from 01908 670603 or www.havocmcc.co.uk

n-i3th June: Eagles MCC's 7th Swamp Donkey Rally at Kesteven Rugby Club, Woodnook, Grantham, Lines (NG33 5AA). Tickets £12 prebook only, badges with all tickets, order rally t-shirts with tickets £7. More info from 01205 724337 or [email protected]

ii-i3th June: The Madrider Rally at the Crooked Inn, Trematon, Saltash, Cornwall (PL12 4RZ). Tickets £5 per day, £10 camping. More info from www.madrider1961.co.uk

n-i3th June: Sundown MCC's Bike Show & Rally at Camerton, near Bath. Tlckets£io prebook or £12.50 on gate. More info from 07952 668212 or [email protected]

n-i4th June: JtheB's Biking Weekends' Balade du Coeur weekend in Normandy, France. More info from 07772 518948 or www.jthebs.com

12th June: Melbourn Rock Club's Dumpy's Rusty Nuts Rock Night at Eternit Sports 8c Social Club, Whaddon Road, Meldreth, South Cambridgeshire. Pre-booked tickets £7, free camping. More info from 01763 260250 or www.melbourn-rock-club.com

12th June: Tsunami Riders MCC's 2nd Wave Custom Bike Show at the Black Horse, High Street, Bean, Dartford, Kent (DA2 8AS). Tickets £3. More info from 01474 708669 or www.tsunamiriders.org.uk

i2-i3th June: CMRC (Classic Motorcycle Racing Club) Race Meet at Knockhlll race circuit, Fife. More info from www.crmc.co.uk

i2-i3th June: Classic Vehicle Show including bikes & trikes at The Plough, Ramsey Rd, Farcet Fen, Peterborough, Cambs (PE7 3DR). Tickets £3.50 prebook or £5 on gate, camping/ caravan pitches £5 prebook or £15 on gate. Tel 07543 350226 or 01733 844307 or [email protected]

12-20th June: Laconia Bike Week in Laconia, New Hampshire, USA. More info from wwwlaconiabikeweek.com

13th June: Lincoln Bike Fest at the Brayford Waterfront, Lincoln City Centre. More info from 07799 368160 or www.woldsbikers.net

16th June: Stef's KKS 69 MCC Bike Night at the White Hart, North Cave_ (HU15 2NJ). More info from 07816 036804 or www.kks69mcc.co.uk

T7-2oth June: The 28th Simmer Dim Rally in the Shetlands. More info from 01595 693418 or [email protected] aimeesutherland.wanadoo.co.uk i8-20th June: Yorkshire MAG's Farmyard Party at Dunscombe Park, Helmsley, North Yorks. More info from www.farmyardparty.com

i8-20th June: Biker Fest in Mildenhall, Suffolk. More info from 07880 695492 after 6pm or www. beckrowbikers.co.uk/bikerfest i8-20th June: Piss Edds MCC'S 16th Pickled Liver Rally at Marston Magna, near Yeovil, Somerset. Tickets £10, pre book advised. More info from 07876 711722 or 07706 765255 or www.pisseddsmcc.com.

i8-20th June: The Wheel MC's Bring On The Summer Rally at the Rose 8t Crown, Stelling Minnis, near Canterbury, Kent. Tickets £12 advance or £15 on gate. More info from 07785303745. PLEASE NOTE NEW CONTACT NUMBER!

i8-20th June: Viva La Clusaz in La Crusaz, France. More info from www. kustomlaclasuz.monsite.orange.fr

18-20th June: Iron Horsemen MCC's 20th Velocity Rally at Cremartin GAA Hall, Castleblaney, Co.Monaghan, Ireland. Tickets 15 Euro including badge. More info from 07742 850458 or 00353 860 832169.

19th June: Tsunami Riders MCC's 2nd Wave Bike Show at the Black Horse, Bean, Dartford, Kent. More info from 01474 708669 or www.tsunamiriders.org.uk

19th June: Barry Clark Memorial Oswestry Custom & Classic Motor Motorcycle 8c Scooter Show at the Pedigree, Salop Road, Oswestry, Shropshire. Tickets £2. More info from 07803 077090 or 07801 833344.

19-2oth June: Summer Nationals at Santa Pod. More info from 01234 782828 or www.santapod.co.uk

i9-25th June: FIM Rally in Herentals, Belgium. More info from www.hmrally2010.eu

20th June: V MCC's 62nd Banbury Run from the Motor Heritage Centre, Gaydon, Warks. More info from www.banbury-run.co.uk

20th June: Moto GP Great Britain. More info from www.motogp.com/en

20th June: VMCC & British Historic Racing Club Race Meet at Cadwell Park race circuit. Lines. More info from 0115 8752292 or [email protected]

23rd June: Stef's KKS 69 MCC Bike Night at the Yorkshire Friar, Heminbrough (Y08 6QJ). More info from 07816 036804 or www.kks69mcc.co.uk

24-27th June: Scandinavian Bike Week in Lillehammer. Norway. More info from www.bikeweek.no

25-27th June: 3B's 16th Only Fools & Bikers Custom & Classic Bike Show at the Headley Park Hotel, Picketts Hill, Sleaford, near Bordon, Hampshire (GU35 8TE). Strict 750 limit so tickets £20 pre-book only (includes patch). More info from 07905 516278 or 07905 516267 or www.3bs.uk.c0m

25-27th June: Snatch MCC's 20th Snatch Rally 8t 30th Anniversary at the Wirral Club, Thornton Common Road, Wirral. Tickets £10 prebook only (300 limit). More info from 07759 579465 or 8< www.snatchmcc.com

25-27th June: 3rd Longham White Horse Rally at The White Horse, Wendling Road Longham, Dereham, Norfolk. More info from 01362 668060 or www.longhamwhitehorse.co.uk

25-27th June: Albawest Custom 8< Classic Bike Show at Drymen Showfield, Stirling, Perthshire (G63 oHU). Tickets £20 on gate, disabled bikers free. More info from www.albawestbikeshow.com

25-27th June: Get Off Your Butts MCC's Buttstock 10th Anniversary Rally at Burntwood Rugby Club, The Sportsway, Chasetown, Burntwood, Staffs (WS7 3PH). Tickets £10 prebook (with free T shirt) or £14 on gate. More info from 07966 801847 or www.goybmcc.co.uk

25-27th June: West Fife MCC's 1st Peacock Rally at a site near Dunfermline. Tickets £15 prebook only. More info from 07905 42089 or 07928 243369 or www.westfifemcc.webs.com

i9-25th June: FIM Rally in Herentals, Belgium. More info from www.hmrally2010.eu

Also for members of all Territorial Forces

Army • Navy • Air Force A selection of finely embroidered patched now available

www.armybikare.co.uk Tel. 0846 4749018 _email: [email protected]_


01529 AXbSAl c>K 07Ö13 911978

25~27th June: BSE MAG's Moo-Summer Rally at The British Sugar Sports and Social Club, British Sugar, Hollow Road, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk (IP32 7BB). Tickets £12 prebook or £16 on gate. More info from 01284 724273 or 766163.

25-27th June: Thunder Rally in aid of Afghan Heroes at Chepstow Racecourse, Chepstow, Monmouthshire (NP16 6BE). More info from 01797 364102 or www.afghanheroes.org.uk

25-27th June: Shoulder of Mutton MCC's 27th Cowpat Rally at Amber Valley Rugby Club, Pie Bridge, Lower Somercotes, Alfreton Derbyshire. Tickets £12 prebook or £15 on gate. More info from 07976 719891 or 07779 761190 or 07875 898550 or www.sommcc.org

26th June: The Lincolnshire Custom Show at The Sir William Robertson High School, Main Road, Welboum, Lines (LN5 oPA). Tickets £1. More info from 01527 527835.

26th June: Moto GP Netherlands. More info from www.motogp.conVen

26th June: National Youthbike 2010 at The Sir William Robertson High School, Main Road, Welbourn, Lines (LN5 oPA). More info from www.youthbike.com

26th June: Blackpool Summer Rock 8t Bike Night at Uncle Tom's Cabin Bar, Queen's Promenade, Blackpool, Lanes (FY2 9RW). Tickets £5 prebook. More info from www.lancashirechapter.co.uk

27th June: Triton 8< Cafe Racer Rewew at the Ace Cafe London, Ace Corner, North Circular Road, Stonebridge, London (N W10 7UD). More info from 020 8961 1000 or wwwace-cafe-london.com

27th June: Swaton Vintage Day at the Park, Thorpe Latimer, between Swaton 8< Helpringham, Lines. More info from 01529 421478 or www.swatonvintageday.com

27th June: NCC Cambs 10th Custom 8< Classic Bike Show at the Eternit Sports 8; Social Club, Whaddon, near Royston, Herts. Tickets £4 on gate. More info from 07946 880414 or 07883 776169 (stalls).

28th June: Ride-Out to Cassington Bike Night at the Ace Cafe London, Ace Corner, North Circular Road, Stonebridge, London (NW10 7UD). More info from 020 89611000 or www.ace-cafe-london.com

30th June: Stef's KKS 69 MCC Bike Night at the Oddfellows Arms, Carlton (DN147JP). More info from 07816 036804 or www.kks69mcc.co.uk

2-4th July: Coffin Scratchers MCC's 5th Out Of The Grave Rally at Coalville Rugby Club, Hall Lane, Whitwick, Leics (LE67 5PF). Tickets £10 prebook (patch for first 100) or £12.50 on gate, 400 limit. More info from 07802 472766 or www.coffinscratchersmcc.co.uk

2-4th July: Four Aces' Independence Rally at Thorncombe Sports & Social Club, Thorncombe Thorn, Chard, Somerset (TA20 4PS). Tickets £10, badge for first 200. More info from 01460 432076 or www.4acesbikerun.c0.uk

2-4th July. The Hogs Bollocks' 7th Makin' Bacon Rally at Stoke Rugby Club, Hartwell Lane, Barlaston, Staffordshire (ST15 8TL). Tickets £12 on gate. More info from 07969 409697 or www.hogsbollocks.co.uk

2-4th July: Estonians MCC's 2nd Barnstormer Rally at Seamer Grange Farm, Seamer, Middlesbrough (TS9 5LY). More info from www.estoniansmcc.com

2-4th July: NABD's 2nd NABDonia Rally at Swallow Falls, Betwsy Coed, North Wales (LL24 ODW). Tickets £10 plus £6 per night camping, hotel 8c hostel rooms available. More info from 0844 415 4849 or www.nabd.org.uk or 01690 710796 or www.swallowfallshotel.co.uk

2-4th July.Towrags Trike 8< Bike Club's Towrags Rally at Smallbrook Stadium, Ryde, Isle of Wight. Tickets £12 prebook (inc rally badge) or £15 on gate. More info from 01983 868618 or 07751 609393 °r www.towrags-iow.co.uk

2-4th July: Le Rock's 5th Independence Rally at the Duke William, Matlock, Derbyshire. Tickets £15. More info from www.le-rock-ltd.co.uk

2-4th July: Wigan Pie Eaters MCC's 8th Shake It In't Summer Bash at Wigan Rugby Union Club, Leyland Mill Lane, Wigan, Lanes (WNi 2SJ). Tickets £13 prebook or £15 on gate. 250 limit. More info from 07917165977 or 07775 204697 or www.wiganpieeaters-mcc.co.uk

2-4th July: West Midlands MAG's Heart of England Rally at Kings Norton RFC, Hopwood Park, Ash Lane, Birmingham (B48 7BB -off the A441). Tickets £10 prebook or £12 on gate. More info from 01527 575843 or 07970 303528 or www.west-midlands-region.mag-uk.org

2-4th July: Rusty Sprocket MCC's 18th Moon Rally at Marconi Holiday Village, Lavemock, near Cardiff (CF64 5XQ). Tickets £15 on gate. More info from 07968169785 or rallyCcCrustysprocketmcc.co.uk

2-4th July: Highway Hunters MCC's 8th Summer Party at the Fighting Cocks, Winfarthing, Diss, Norfolk. Tickets £15 prebook or £17 on gate or £15 Saturday only (£5 refunded if left site by 7pm). More info from 01473 415601 or 07988 720231.

2-4th July: Harley-Davidson Club Wales' Rally at the Hog's Head, near Abergavenny, South Wales (NP7 8TA). Tickets £20 or £15 FHDCE. All makes of bike welcome. More info from 07776 165154 or www.hogsheadpub.co.uk

2-4th July: TEAM MCC (The End & More)'s Wildcat Rally at John O' Groats. More info from www.wildcat-rally.co.uk

3rd July: Diamond Day (NCC Custom Bike Show) at the Ace Cafe London, Ace Comer, North Circular Road, Stonebridge, London (NW107UD). More info from 020 89611000 orwww.ace-cafe-london.com

3rd July: The Brum Demo. More info from 01527 575843 or 07970 303528 or www.west-midlands-region.mag-uk.org

3rd July: Rebels MC's Custom Show at Lowerload, Forthampton, near Tewkesbury, Gloucs. More info from 07929 612804 or 07929 241434.

3-4th July: AJS100 Year Anniversary Weekend. More info from 01732 761773 or 07801 460667.

4th July: Moto GP Catalunya. More info from www.motogp.com/en

4th July: Last Wolf MCC's Last Wolf Charity Bike Show 8< BBQ at The White Lion, Audley Road, Barthomley, Crewe (CW2 5PG, signposted from J16 M6).

Saturday night camping available. More info from 01270 764128 or 07923 650443 or www.lwmcc.co.uk

7th July: Stefs KKS 69 MCC Bike Night the Old George, Sykehouse (DN14 9AU). More info from 07816 036804 or www.kks69mcc.co.uk

7th July: Barton Bike Night in Barton Upon Humber, Lines. More info from 07896 712048.

8-nth July: JtheB's British Bike Riders Weekend in Normandy, France. More info from 07772 518948 or www.jthebs.com

S-i2th July: Americana International at the County Showground, Newark, Notts. More info from 0115 939059 or www.americana-international.co.uk

9-iith July: VMCC Festival of 1000 Bikes at Mallory Park, Leics. More info from 01283 540557 or www.vmcc.net

9-nth July: The DILLIGAF Rally at the Royal Oak, Gretton, Gloucestershire. Tickets £15 including metal badge, 430 limit. More info from 07788 736402.

9-iith July: Barflys Rally at the Lower Lode Inn, Forthampton, Gloucestershire (GL19 4RE). Tickets £13 prebook or £15 on gate if available, 400 limit. More info from 07771 677841 after 5pm or www.barflysbikers.co.uk

9-iith July: The 7th Great Offley Bike & Trike Show at Great Offley, Herts. Camping pre-book only. More info from 01582 412668 or 07792 015690.

9-iith July: Silsden Sewer Rats' Get Ratted Rally at Addingham Moorside, Silsden, near Keighley, West Yorkshire. Tickets £15 prebook or £18 on gate, 1000 limit, badges for first 300. More info from 07852 186920 or www. sewerratsyorkshire.homestead.com

The Motorcycle Action Group Yorkshire proudly presents The 24th

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