Engine: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Harley-Davidson Twin Cam A, 1550 barrels & pistons, Arlen Ness air-filter, Screamin' Eagle ignition, one-off stainless exhaust by Shaun Barley, one-off jackshaft by Shaun Barley Frame:

One-off byShaun Barley, modified SMT Engineering Foot controls & rests Sharp End: ^

80 spoke 18x4" wheel, Suzuki Bandit wavy disc, Suzuki GSX-R caliper, 60mm CDS inverted springers byShaun Barley, one-off 3" billet yokes byShaun Barley, one-off 50mm CDS handlebars by Shaun Barley with one-off internal twist grip throttle&clutch,SMT Engineering master-cylinders, Demon Cycles 50mm digital speedo

One-off swingarm byShaun Barley, Demon Cycles Slim Line softail shocks, 80 spoke 17x12" wheel, 330 tyre, Demon Cycles sprocket brake, 1.5" over stock belt, 132 tooth pulley

Tinware: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ One-off hand made alloy fuel tank, one-off hand made seat with Smart Rrrs (01347 811978 or www.smartrrrs. biz) cover, one-offside panels moulded into frame Electrics:

One-off loom by Shaun Barley, Eyeball headlight, Demon Cycles' LED tail light Paint:

Matt white by Elliott Barley Polishing: Elliott Barley Engineering:

Designed by owner 8; Shaun 8; Elliott Barley, engineered by Shaun 8t Elliott Thanks To: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 'Shaun & Elliott Barley at Barley Custom Cycles ([email protected]) for everything; Mansfield Anodisers (01623 627700 orwww.mansfield-anodisers.; Wendy for bringing supplies; & my dad for letting me skive off work...'

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