Spec Sheet

Original Year, Make & Model:

1993 Kawasaki 1100 Zephyr Engine:

1993 Kawasaki 1100 Zephyr, standard exhaust with modified ends Frame:

1993 Kawasaki 1100 Zephyr, various brackets to mount body kit, Raask rearsets from Busters Sharp End:

1993 Kawasaki ZRnooZephyrwheel/ brakes/forks (Progressivesprings)/ yokes/master-cylinder/switches/clocks, Goodridge braided steel brake lines 8< stainless flat 'bars from Buster's Blunt End:

1993 Kawasaki ZR1100 Zephyr swingarny wheel/brake/master-cylinder/torque arm,

Ohlins shocks

Standard front mudguard, Jim Goose replica fairing/tail piece/side panels, standard fuel tank with sides filled out, one-off seat cover by Lall Electrics: ._._._

Stock main loom & headlight, Kawasaki Z1000 tail light & Kawasaki Z1000ST indicators with short stems from Z-Power (01942 2628940rwwwz-p0wer.c0.uk) Paint:

DecalsairbrushedbyJon at Pitstop Paint (07881873211 orwww.pltstop-paint co.uk), silver 8< blue by Ganga at Hughsons Accident Repairs in Stornoway (01851704843) Powdcrcoating:

Trevorat ESP Powdercoatingin Giasgow





All mountings for panels in stainless by owner

Thanks To:

'First and foremost, Maxi, as she's got unbelievable patience; Ronnie at MC Motorcycles in Glasgowfor parting with theZephyr;TrevoratESPPowdercoating fora first class job as usual; Dougie for getting the panels; 8< Chris at Skidmarx for makingthe spare screens...'


take no for an answer and ended up getting the guy who he was buying the cranes from to go in there for him and, of course, they were quite happy to sell another Japanese the bits Colin wanted. A few weeks later the parts turned up in a crate, having travelled with the cranes via the Netherlands - 'a lovely fukin' day!', as Colin says.

The strange thing was that, at this point, he didn't have a bike to put them on. Well, he had a very tidy Ztooo, but he didn't want to weld brackets all over that to fit the new fairing and seat unit for fear of spoiling a classic Kawasaki. One night he was talking to his cousin Grogie who lives in Glasgow and mentioned that he needed a bike and Grogie told him that a friend of his, Ronnie at MC Motorcycles in Glasgow, had a '93 Zephyr 1100 that he might be persuaded to sell. Colin asked him to have a word and Ronnie was indeed persuaded to let the big Zephyr go for the right price. Once it was in Stornoway the rest, as they say, is history.

(Actually, his bike wasn't strictly the first Goose replica in the UK - part way through the build, he got a call from a friend saying that Z-Power, the Zed specialists, had built one and had it featured in Classic Bike - 'no way', he thought, 'beaten to the post on the home straight!')

With the bike complete bar the paint, he was stood looking at it one day when he thought, 'if I ever drop this, it will be soooo f-'-ked' so he took the panels off and took them to a mate who's a fibreglasser and got him to make a set of moulds off them so that, in the event of anything untoward happening, he's got the facility to re-do the bodywork to fix it. It also means that he's got the parts needed to build another 'Mad Max' bike as well - he's scored another big Zephyr and 'The Toecutter's bike is now under way.

It also means that he can also offer sets of bodywork for sale too - ring him on 07810 354112, if you'd like an MHP bike of your very own. Me? I'm off to see how much 1100 Zephs go for on eBay! ©

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12 Live bands

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