Harley-Davidson Sportster 883, Keihin carb, teastrainer-styleair-filter with Independent Trucks belt buckle added by owner, one-off exhaust by Boneshaker Choppers Frame:

FlyriteSmokin' Gun, modified Kuryakin foocrests by owner with white Triumph rubbers by Baron's Speed Shop Sharp End:

21" wheel, Chopper Stoppers brake, shaved Sportsterforks&yokes by Boneshaker Choppers,one-off handlebars by Boneshaker Choppers Blunt

16" Harley-Davidson wheel 8c brake, nickel-plated wheel covers by Craig Tirey8< Front Street Cycle Tinware:

Mini Sportsterfuel tank,ostrich leather seat by Mother Road Kustoms, one-off oil tank by KalamityChop8< Rod,double ribbed rear mudguard by West Eagle Electrics:

One-off loom, Aris copy headlight by West Eagle, Ford Model A tail light with STOP Insignia Paint:

Lace 8< stencil work in House Of Color Pagan Gold,Rootbeer8< Blue by Jaymesat Blue Moon Kustoms (ww.bluemoonkustoms. blogspot.com) Plating:

Nickel plating to'bars8( levers etc by Doug Taylor Metal Finishing (01934 820454 or www.dougtaylormetalfinishingco.uk) Thanks To:

'Benny Thomas at Boneshaker Choppers (01527 575934 or www.boneshakerchoppers. co.uk), the most prolific and best bike builder in the UK; Scottyat Kalamity Chop 8c Rod (07972168431 orwww.kalamity-chopnrod. co.uk); Bobby Mercury;& the Plymouth Fracture Clinic for the titanium rods 8< cobalt chromium screws!'

I won't miss polishing that black Speedmaster although it did look classy - the tyre on 'Kooler Shaker' had enough shinola on it to keep the Queen's Guard happy! The rear mudguard is also a departure from the previous mini mud-buster. I haven't seen many with two ribs and the nickel plate shimmers in the sunlight complimenting the spun steel wheel covers.

I have always liked the look of white seats and this one is in ostrich-style leather. It's from Mother Road Customs in Missouri and seemed more individual than the mass-produced seats. Besides, it also reminds me of a plucked turkey's arse on Christmas Eve! The hinged springs are the complete opposite to the previous two inch straight springs I was using to prop up my ever increasing rump!

New foot pegs and a shifter rubber were bought from Baron's Speed Shop and are meant for older Triumphs. They were a big headache to get right -1 had to cannibalise another set of pegs to make bayonets for the white rubber to hug onto.

The 'pipes are a Biltwell exhaust kit capped off with some real cheap cocktail shakers. The Biltwell tubes are an excellent way of making a custom exhaust - Benny did them for me and we wrapped them up nice and tight in hotrod wrap that I'll shoot with white heat paint when they get grubby.

To keep under the radar of the boys in blue a new front wheel was purchased - our friends the Rozzers didn't like the previous spool hub at all so, instead of going down the disc brake route, I went for this mini hub. It's just four inches in diameter and it's not much of a stopper... in fact a well planted heel would have better effect. Its sole purpose is to make PC Plod smile and to humour the man in the brown workcoat at the MoT station!

This bike, which Benny christened 'Trawler Hauler', is supposed to be an extension of my personality. With the Independent Trucks belt buckle applied to the air cleaner and the skaters' version of the Iron Cross adorning the gas cap, the bike reflects my skateboard roots and the legacy of a 25 year adrenaline rush.

From 'Kooler Shaker' to 'Trawler Hauler', maybe I can up the ante and fool people into thinking I am holding onto a pair of aces. I'll keep on bluffing them if you promise not to give the game away! ©

Easts o ©refera gnfl wanted:

o Dfnj^r? eftrdte ni?


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